Blendtec TB-621-20RECOND Refurbished Total Blender and Four Side Jar Black Kitchen

So I've had my Blendtec blender for a couple of months now and I've decided that it's time for me to do a review of it.

In this video I'm going to be making a smoothie with my Blendtec Total Blender and you're going to get to see how it works.

You can see in there I have a carrot a banana and an orange have a little orange in the back there and some cranberries which are actually frozen cranberries that loop in my freezer and a little bit of apple juice when I make a smoothie I don't just push the smoothie button because it um I find that doesn't work as well I start with whole juice and it is really loud and I don't think it's going to come through on the video how loud this thing is but it's really loud it's loud enough that i plug my ears. Okay.

That worked pretty well um it even handled the carrot. Okay, occasionally not all the time but sometimes the carrot will sort of get stuck in a corner and i'll have to like turn it off and fish it around and put it back but that doesn't usually happen then let me get some ice out then i put the ice in and make sure i get it half in there the handles frozen stuff pretty well the UM the berries as long as they're small it's. Okay, and you can buy them when they're in season and then just keep them in there forever. Okay.

Blendtec TB-621-20RECOND Refurbished Total Blender and Four Side Jar Black Kitchen

I got my eyes don't make a mess and now we push the ice crush button. Okay.

There we go look at that nice thick consistency you can't really see there and you see that poor I like it a little bit sort of on the thick side there I don't know if that color is coming through. Okay, but that's a beautiful code. Okay.

I got a refurbished unit mmm that's good I got a refurbished unit and I really like it it works really well I haven't had any problems with it the one thing that you need to keep in mind with the Blendtec is that you cannot remove the blade in any way shape or form it's permanently stuck in there I'm dripping but um you have to clean out the picture pretty much as soon as you're done and you've emptied it out you want to keep it clean because sugars from food and fruit will get into the rubber seal and mess it up.

As soon as i'm done drinking that i'm going to drink the rest of it and then i'm going to clean it out but other than that it's a it's really nice i love it and i highly recommend getting one if you can afford it because they are not cheap thanks.

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