Born Free Bottle Genius | Formula Dispenser Review

Here is the born free formula dispenser it's no bigger than the size of a classic coffee machine. This is the smart scale nice thing about it is it actually measures the water and the formula perche agric I was a little skeptical at the beginning I thought my husband son of you tess's and it's pretty accurate the dispenser goes from 2 ounce all the way to 10 ounce so. This is great for babies that take like all ounces like 3 ounce 5 pounds 7 ounce I know that sometimes when you're manually measuring your formula it can be a little hard trying to do the half and it's great because it has that option Alex took 3 ounce for a wild has the option of for you to do either warm or room temperature.

If your baby's usually taking more bottle or if he used to nurse and now you you're doing a little bit nicer and formula. This is great because it warms it up for you this dispenser does state that it works for most major bottle and for melodic brands Alex used to like advance and we did have to set it to that wheat because the smart scale it weighs it based on the type of formula it is based on the weight of it.

We did have to set it and I believe you said it once unless you unplug it then you have to reset it I believe.

You want to refer to the state it it works with most bottle brands but I wouldn't recommend bottles like I had a hard time this Playtex here it has that curve and. This is one of the bottles we used for Alex and it was the pain the but what it dispensed formula it's kind of messy.

Born Free Bottle Genius | Formula Dispenser Review

What it does is sometimes they'll fall out on the sides with this kind of with this kind of figure bottle.

I didn't recommend anything like that but you can do bottles with big tops like this como ton load brand one that one you would just set it just like that and it was perfect cuz it was wide enough.

You didn't have to deal with much mess another good one as far as small bottles if your baby.

Not taking as much for Milan is this baby born one they have in different size and it's perfect to because but you know what it's this size you're gonna want put on the scale and that's works perfect.

As far as bottle goes you just want to make sure that it has you know a wide enough top and that it sits straight pretty messy I have to clean the area around it almost every night because like I say depending on the type of bottle you use again and also sometimes the formula can just spit all over everywhere and that kind of sucks because then you have to the whole idea is to try to like avoid as much cleaning but it's supposed to be easier but that makes you that gives you another thing to do at nighttime before you go to bed we also have the tank the water tank right down here as you can see it holds enough water to make eight four ounce bottles I do find that even if you fill the water up usually about two ounce of water would sit down here and you really get it or you'll try to make another one and it kind of runs out unfortunately located kind of a weird spot I really wish that when they had designed this the water take would be on the side or in the back I find that it's harder to try to get in here because every time I did that a little bit of formula would come out and a little bit of water would drip and.

It made a mess but it's you know if they designed this they'll be great if it was located on the side or on the back now I want to talk a little bit about the design of the water tank sir or these kind of formula dispensers are not cheap they are very expensive and I feel like the manufacturer should definitely invest in good quality just like a plastic like almost feels like Alex's plastic toys like that's how cheap it is uh I really wish they would have made it a little bit more sturdy I don't know maybe make it like this kind of plastic and somehow design it to where you can put water in it I don't know designers out there and this part right here especially is like the cheapest plastic piece that a company can ever want to focus never and as you can see it's lastest a year um actually I think not even a year because we didn't start using this and Tony yeah looks just like three months but um you can see how help excuse my nails you see how beat-up it is and it's nearly like just hanging on I was.

Scared that oh my gosh we paid.

Much money for this and this thing is gonna break I'm gonna have to contact the manufacturer but you know it lasts and I really wish they had just invest a little bit more money in this water tank but considering how often you use it take it out and.

Cheap and then you'll find that you're gonna have a hard time taking it out because of this we're here bending because it's.


You know do something about this water tank make it more you know durable make it last at least a year and the cleaning process is probably the most the the most dreadful thing about this item here is because you kind of have to run water and alcohol I'm sorry vinegar and alcohol through the internal system.

You're really cleaning the internal part of it.

That if there's any you know bad stuff growing mold growing within the internal part it actually cleans it out because I actually clean the entire exterior the formula holder and the tank and also run the water to clean the internal part of this and you want to refer to the manual again on how to do that I want to show you how easy and how accurate this works.

I want to set it to three ounce.

You can see how the odd works and also once you set it and you shut it off or when it shuts off and you turn it back on able to always be set at three or four or wherever you said at the last time.

You press this button.

He does two ounces first water then it dispenses enough for three ounce and then it finishes the rest of the water that's where the smart scale comes in and measure for you cuz normally if you were to manually mix your own bottle you would do water and then measure the formula level with this it does the smart scale just.

That the formula doesn't clump and the nice thing too about this dispenser is that you can actually see the ratio of the water to a formula whereas the baby Bryza I know that some people were saying that the form of the mixture was being watered down and they were feeding their baby water down formula which is not really good and the thing with that is because it premixes it and then dispenses it but with this you can see them the actual ratio and it kind of just gives me a little bit of assurance that my child is getting enough nutrition it's getting the right mixture or the right amount and then once. This is done all you do is put the cap on your bottle.

You just shake it up as you normally would if you manually to feed your child there it is you're ready to drink formula that was less than two minutes.

It definitely will save you a lot of time at night and also you don't have to worry about your child screaming overall I think. This is a great idea I think this dispenser does its job and it's helped us many time with the night feedings and I do recommend it for you know moms that are formula feeding especially if your little one wakes up a couple times a night to feed it's easy to use and one tank usually glass at least through the night.

You don't have to worry about refilling it just do it right before you go to bed and it's there and it's ready for you and your child you.

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