Bosch EL-51253 Power Max 30 Amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station review

Hello youtube world I want to do a quick review of the Bosch Power Max 240 volt hard-wired J 1772 well it comes with the J 1772 connector charger but this bosch Power Max charger which I got from Amazon a few few years back is really something that I would strongly recommend you get if you're in the market for a for a charger if you have an electric vehicle. This is definitely one of the better charging stations to have the dimension is let's see roughly about it's actually a square it's 21 by 21 by roughly 9 maybe 10 inches in depth I know it weighs about 20 or 21 pounds.

It's it's not heavy and and my particular one is hard wired it was done by an electrician and it's you know it didn't take that long nor was it complicated according to the efficient to get it set up but it is a good and adequate charger it's it's not going to come with any bells and whistles but it's simply a charger or charging station that's gonna allow you to plug and charge this particular charger is rated for both indoors and outdoors and it is also rated for -23° to as high as 123 degrees Fahrenheit.

Wisconsin weather or Arizona weather or New Mexico weather it'll it'll do the job and I've had this for a few years and it's certainly one of the better chargers out there and I recommend looking into this with if you're in the market for a charging station what I would recommend or I would advise those looking for. This is - I get the 25 feet cord mine is the 18 feet cord and it does an adequate job but in the winter they do get hard they do get brittle and having the extra 7 feet of cord certainly makes things things a lot a lot easier let's see what else can i what else can I mentioned well for those of you electrician's out there it is rated for both indoors and outdoors if I haven't mentioned that it is ul certified the voltage is 208 V AC to 240 and the input and output power is about 7.2 kilowatts it does have the LED indicator right there solid green to show you that it is on it flashes when you have the charging handle which is resting on the the cradle but when it's plugged in and it's juicing up the car it'll blink but when it's done charging it'll become solid white but as far as charging itself there's no way to program this particular charging station to charge at a specific time if you're looking to get better rates if you're gonna charge after midnight for example you may get a lower electric rate but what you can do is you can plug it into your vehicle and have the vehicle charge it as at a certain time and it will actually recognize that and it will charge or start charging the vehicle at that specific time what else it does have a power switch or kill switch I should say the power button is right there and once it's done charging the vehicle and you want to remove the the handle the charging handle just press that stop button right over there and just take it out of the vehicle plug it back into the arresting cradle and you should be good to go what else did I what else should I mention about it it's rated for both indoors and outdoors and mine is a - a 30 30 amp and it's more than adequate for charging both the Nissan Leaf or and/or the Chevy Volt even the Model S because it hasn't it hasn't fussed in the last few years that I've been using it to charge my vehicles what else should I mention about it I bought this off Amazon for about say 500 when I say 500 - six five hundred actually you know five hundred seventy three dollars and I did look for it and right now it's about 650 to as high as 750 on the on the market but it is a very very good product for those interested it is a Bosch power max part number yell to five three and that's pretty much it.

For those of you interested in a charging station. This is definitely a very good one to look into.

Bosch EL-51253 Power Max 30 Amp Electric Vehicle Charging Station review

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