BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR how to replace the ignition module on most 4 and 2cycle engines

You good afternoon more medic ones they have a toro recycler on the bench it's a pretty old one this actually got the overhead valve Chris Briggs and Stratton engine it just doesn't look like one but go ahead and loosen your bolts to hold the shroud on you don't have to worry about the gas tank all BISM back on the back of the motor screw here there's one here and one here in this whole top come off I'll show you how to replace the ignition model I'm going to make a link in the description below on how to test the ignition but today we're just going to ahead or show you how to replace it go ahead these two bolts right here they're 5/16 head or 8 millimeter I lied they're quarter-inch headed screws go ahead and remove your coil your kill lead right there here's your fill lead wire again make sure that this wire is good from the kill switch here to the coil you put the new coil on you want about ten thousands gap you can use the business card I'll show you it's about nine thousand there just depends on how thick it is pretty much in the middle of the card now we're in ten.

Business party is sufficient enough to get your coil to your flywheel you'll notice that the amount of this coil either way but it only goes one way and says right there this side out.

It's going to be mounted just like that and if you'll see this side it says cylinder side.

You can't miss it up go ahead and set your coil down there and get your screws finger tight go ahead and rotate the flywheel around where your magnets are in line with the coil now they do make a tool for this that I like to use it because it's made out of metal and. This is also ten thousand and it'll actually stick to the magnet flywheel and you just loosen up your bolts let this coil fall forward and then just tighten the screws up don't overdo it because you're screwing into aluminum and you could possibly strip it out the new ignition module is not going to come with a spark plug cap you can either order you a new one or just use the old one off the old coil here just pull it off with your fingers it will come off it might be a little tough but it'll come go ahead and snake your wire back down through the cylinder fins and hook up your kill wire here and remove your tool ten-thousands like I said while ago business car works just fine in my last video which I'm going to post in the description below as ever people ask me well how in the world are you turning that motor over.

BRIGGS AND STRATTON ENGINE REPAIR   how to replace the ignition module on most 4 and 2cycle engines

Fast and a lot of you were right it was just a drill with a 3/8 socket adapter and then I put math three days to happen.

I go up to 1516 they may make an adapter right here to go from the drill bring it straight to a half-inch drive but I'm going to spin it over and see we have spark I concur we had good Sparkle.

Now we can put the spark plug back in and put the engine shroud on it and then that'll include the how to replace the ignition module on a Briggs and Stratton engine or pretty much all Tucson 4 cycle engine and two cycle you want to go that route lawn-boy 2 cycles are the same pretty much across the board at the ten-thousands gaps some engines are a little bit less gap in between the coil and flywheel but we'll get it buttoned back together here and we'll get it cranked up running for you in case you were wondering that part number on that coil was 802 574 that's a very common one there's a lot of l-head and overhead valve engine go ahead to get it cranked up for you. This is actually got a choke on it choke it if I could pull it one-handed here the technician uses what was needed you had to get you had to get the spark before the engine would run and now you see that it surges a little bit and now you just have to call the customer and say hey got the coil on there the engine is now running I recommend going through the carburetor or doing a tune-up to it that way you can upsell your your service but the coil is working Ange is now running go ahead and give us some gas if you have any questions about briggs-stratton engines or how to replace ignition modules let me know more medic one you'll have a good day.

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