BRLO Porter Beer Review

Welcome to another beer review from the Frankfurt craft beer fest this one's from Berlin is the VR elbow craft beer a porter coming at seven percent a TV they have some description here ok.

We got brewing water Gersten bolts pilsner malt caramel malt roost waltz hops Hercules and kick on dirt beneath ok should be pretty dark quarters shoot my pitcher coming back like ground pins not just wrong you're lookin after that sometimes your quarters will add a pretty nose for aroma media Martha a little bit of dark chocolate hmm i think pretty good I'm going drink this and I'll see when I'm almost finished if I quick down and dirty for this handcrafted with Earl in love prl we are back I was editing my daily blog for SSSs log every day in April and this beer dis occurred really fast medium low light medium min and in heaviness for a porter hmm I think that's the first part that's got my attention my first thing is drinking it while i was editing i noticed i look at my glasses like whoa it's almost gone.

Yeah i would recommend the Berlin Viera Elmo craft beer reporter definitely when it's from berlin i'm not sure where I'm gonna do to get it but I have some places I could take a look.

I'm definitely going to want to give that a taste again and see if it will stay on my shelf I don't have a porter on my shelf yet I do have a milk stout but I don't have a porter.

That's the quick down and dirty for that beer thank you for watching and stay tuned the next beer review from the Frankfurt craft beer fest will be in the craft brewing winter edition 2015 dark season sweets top five point six percent this would be reviewing that.

Next time Cheers.

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