Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW 70 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine Review

Hi my name is Heather and I am reviewing for Amazon today this Brother sewing machine it's a Project Runway Limited Edition it's a computerized model and has a few features that a basic machine a more basic less expensive machine wouldn't have first I'm going to show you it came with this manual. This is in Spanish it has an English manual to buy store that away.

I'm same thing though it's a very nice size good manual has a lot of detailed information in there I'm actually pretty impressed with it compared to this singer because I've seen which are pretty thin and flimsy. This is a nice book those of you who are new to sewing and I've never used a sewing machine you can take classes and you can learn a lot from videos and tutorials online on blogs and websites but this manual on is going to show you pretty much everything all the functions the button foot how to wind the machine or how to wind the bobbin and thread the machine and some troubleshooting is in the back.

I'm very happy with the manual it also comes with a vinyl pouch which fits in and this part of front goes actually I have the extension table on right now which it comes with which is really nice but this part if you don't want to use the extension table which is.

Big for bigger projects you throw this on the front of the machine instead.

Brother Project Runway CE7070PRW 70 Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine Review

It will hold that pouch inside with some different accessories it's got some several different feet which are pretty standard the birth foot button foot seam rippers these go to the spool holder which is up here kind of it's a little different. This is my first brother machine.

I've never seen a spool that sat quite this way and this snaps in when you're storing it and then snaps out this piece is a little flimsy which makes me a little nervous I just hope that it doesn't break especially because I have to move it.


There's that winding the machine is pretty simple and it has printed instructions on the machine for those of you who are new to sewing will appreciate that reminder.

That you don't have to get the manual out every time you need to go thread machine I mean it threads pretty much the same way most machines do their small variance variations that pretty much is you know just drops down there up through there and then threads through the needle this model which we're starting to see um a lobstering machine stays stays has a needle threader that you basically just you'll spread you'll run the thread through this hook and then lower this I'm going to unsnap it it kind of grabs onto the thread in it pulls it through the needle for you which just makes threading the Machine a little faster and a little less complicated I really like this I have it on my singer model too that I really love and it makes threading machine a lot faster there's a drop-in bobbin right here I like the clear case you can just pop this off when you need to change it or rethread um and it's nice to see how much thread you have left and then again there's a diagram here is also a sticker.

On it which it can peel off if you want and it just threads really quickly and easily and is ready to go it has a reverse button instead of you know sometimes you'd press a bit go in Reverse.

Some more computerized machines that somewhere as features on computers machines these days you're starting to see an automatic thread cutter button.

You don't have to snip it yourself it'll cut it closer to the seam if you want umm and then a couple other different buttons this just has the reverse button the computation of it is very simple to use.

You want to change your stitches here's all your stitches there's plenty for a basic machine it's a good computerized model for for beginners are those termini to branch out a little bit more from a basic machine all your basic straight and zigzag stitches your buttonholes and a few decorative stitches. This is nice um.

It's very easy you just program it it'll tell you which foot you need and then you can change the stitch lengthen and with there nurse attention.

Very this little basic machine on it is computerized but it's not anything more than if you've grown up on the basic machines or don't have anything computerized it don't let this machine scare you it's not not at all complicated to use the stitch quality seems to be very good.

Far from I've used it on a few different projects I has a good straight stitch a good zigzag the button the buttonhole I did today isn't the tightest buttonhole I've ever seen with the stitches but it's still it's pretty decent and it.

Is pretty smooth rate just show you really quick with one hand.

I won't be a straight I haven't I haven't had any jams you're just going to raise that turn it toward you until the needle is raised in the highest position and you can raise your lower foot and then just snap it off.

There's this ditch I just just made and I haven't had any jams on this machine I haven't had any issues with the tension I've been very happy.

Far with the way it performed. This is a pillow I made earlier this week and it powered through several layers very easily I haven't encountered any problems performance by this machine.


I am very happy with it I have to say it it probably would be preferred for those of us who are wanting to maybe step up a little bit from a basic model but don't want to spend too much I wouldn't spend I would not recommend buying a machine as under 150 that kind of makes me nervous sewing machine companies are getting a little criticism these days from some experienced seamstresses that you know machines seem to be built to be disposable no longer can we take it into a repair shop and have a machine last best you know 20 30 40 years like our grandmother's machines did they're they're cheaper they're more plastic parts inside these days and I have to say one thing that makes me a little nervous with this machine is it's a very lightweight I can easily lift it with one hand I was pretty shocked when I first unwrapped it and pulled it out of the box I thought oh my goodness I've never seen a machine that was this lightweight before.

That's just one little thing that and the flimsy part is probably why I'd give it this part just seems a little cheap to me.

I'm a little concern because it's.

Lightweight that I'm hoping there's not you know too cheap of parts in here the way it's constructed and I'm hoping that it will last me a long time but I've only had it for a couple months now.

It's hard to say for sure.

I am happy with it performance wise is very happy I'm just hoping that the lightweightness and some of you might like that because if you're lugging a machine class or we're traveling a lot with it then you know that's such a bad thing it being lightweight but I'm just hoping it means to help doesn't have parts that aren't very quality.

That's it I'm very happy with it it would recommend it to those who you know. This is within their budget or at the top of their budget um I'm just going to show you a couple other machines that have just to compare really quick. This is a singer. This is my favorite machine. This is my baby quantum stylus now. This is also a computerized machine but it's got a few more features has the pet button a few other buttons that really make it.

Simple to use it also comes with the extension table and tons of stitches tons.

This machine is does have more features it is a little more expensive.

The brother machine that I'm reviewing might be a good kind of mid mid machine little middle-of-the-road machine to go for because. This is kind of more high-end has a lot of features. This is a very basic machine. This is um probably on the bottom side of price of what I would say and has knobs just a handful of stitches nothing's computerized I just have automatic needle threader.

That's a very basic machine. This is more of a high-end machine and the brother is more in between but I am happy with it I'm not condemning the machine because it's lightweight and maybe has a couple cheap parts and that makes me a little nervous I know the manual said that you can replace these and just snap another one on.

Maybe they know that it can break but if you're looking for a machine with plenty of stitches and some good features then I would say sure give this a try I've been very happy with the quality of it.


Please feel free to ask any questions in the comment section I'm happy to answer them as quickly as possible and thank you for watching this review bye bye.

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