Budget rental kitchen remodel that is easily reversible

Hi everyone today I'm going to share with you how I transform this plane rental kitchen into a vibrant space full of life with DIY projects that are quick easy and reversible this project is brought to you by smart tiles tiling made simple tests I'm Shana and waffles are renting this house for the next three years while they work on their la-based tiny house business called the LAT collective since they'll mostly be working from home and spending lots of time in the kitchen they wanted it to reflect their fun eclectic sense of style and for it to be a bit more functional to prepare meals so they gave me a $500 budget to makeover the space but all in a way that's completely reversible the first project I tackled was the backsplash the subway tiles are nice but they are very plain so when I saw these beautiful vintage smart tiles that just came out I knew they were perfect for this kitchen because they are peel and stick tiles that can go right over the existing tiles making this project really quick and mess free plus the tiles will easily come off when they move out by simply applying some heat with a hairdryer I chose to start installing the tiles from the corner because it gives a nicer look to have full tiles there I had to pull out the stove to access the corner and then I removed all the electrical outlet covers and cleaned the existing backsplash with degreaser to start off with I marked where the top of the first row of the tiles is going to be and then I use a level to trace the line I added tape just to make it easier to see the line next I laid out all the tiles to figure out the layout there's eight different designs of tiles so I just played around with them until I liked the look of the pattern I peeled off a couple of inches of the backing and aligned the top of the tile with the line and I only press lightly on the tiles this way it's easier to reposition the tile if needed once I was happy with the alignment I press firmly on the tile and slowly remove the backing firmly pressing the tile on the wall at the same time cutting the tiles to fit around an outlet or window frame is really easy all you need are a utility knife a non-slip ruler and a pen or pencil you measure the distance from the tile to the frame or outlet you transfer the measurements to the back of the tile and using the ruler as a guide you cut the tile with the utility knife perfect fit you'll get the best results when installing tile over existing tile like and doing here when you start off with a backsplash that is nice and smooth without having any tile sticking out to finish the edge at the end of the backsplash I put glue along the edge of the tile to attach corner molding that I think is white that way when it's time to remove the tiles the molding will come off as well without damaging the wall the tiles are really easy to clean and they're fine to use behind a stove as long as the stove has a control panel like this stove here and with all the beautiful colors found in the tiles it gave me lots of inspiration for the rest of the makeover including the window treatment I decided to go with a rustic take on a window cornice painted a dark navy blue to match the tiles I made it by screwing together some rough pine boards that I had left over from another project and I also attached one by twos to the sides to secure the corner brackets for hanging to get the right color for the paint I took the tiles to Home Depot and they were able to do a custom color for me that worked out perfectly the cornetist slides into place and the corner brackets with on top of the cabinets to hold it up so the cornice is very secure just resting on top like this I also added screws for extra support I love the way this turned out and it also has the added bonus of making the window look taller while at the same time hiding the hardware from the blinds next I wanted to bring more function to the kitchen by putting in an island or cart and some Shana and Tessa already had this old tired IKEA kitchen cart I decided to bring it back to life and use it in this kitchen the first thing I did was to take off the top which just wasn't salvageable and the original Castor's also had to be replaced but I had to add a piece of plywood on the delay to make them work to make the side of the plywood look nicer I also added some wood edging when I was looking at my MacGyver fix it gave me the idea to use the side of the cart for a spice rack so I use some wood that I had on hand make it but that ended up making it look like a bit of a Frankenstein so I made sanding blocks by stapling sandpaper to scrap pieces of wood and I sanded the entire cart stained it and that made all the different types of wood blend in nicely together while still keeping the rustic look for the new top I use 4 1 by 16 boards and I kept this build very simple by using 1 by 2 boards to attach the wider boards together this had the added bonus of making the top look thicker along the edges and a quarter inch stick board glued and nailed to the sides gives a cleaner look I stay in the top with two coats of a semi-transparent exterior stain in a color called Wedgwood from there and all that was left to do was to attach the new top to the base of the cart I'll have more details on this cart project on my website engineer your space.com feel good to reuse something that otherwise would have gone into the landfill plus it gave the opportunity to make it more functional and to customize it to fit the space perfectly this entire makeover came in under budget at four hundred and forty six dollars the tiles made up for bulk of this cost but they also gave the biggest wow factor to this transformation something that only painting the walls couldn't have done and by doing this project as students they moved in Shana Tessa & Waffles will get to enjoy this kitchen for the entire time that they live in the house making the investments well worth it and they can mess easily that everything is going to be easily reversible when they move out I'll have links to all the things that I use in the video description below including links to the smart tiles and to the last collective in case you want to find out what's going on with tiny houses in LA and you can get more ideas for personalizing your kitchen in this video here and don't forget to subscribe to my channel so you don't miss any of my new videos and also to find out when I must be day-to-day follow me on Instagram thanks for watching and I'll next time [Music]
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