California Pistachios

Your eyes do not deceive you those are trees shaking violently one after the other and yes that's a hail of nuts pistachio nuts tumbling down welcome to Kings County's pistachio harvest this dusty busy process is happening in the small town of Hanford but trust me these pistachio nuts will end up on desserts and dining plates all around the world quite honestly they're my favorite nuts so I tend to use them rather frequently I like the flavor pastry chef Louise had no idea that before she could start baking some of her favorite desserts the California pistachio nut she uses have been through quite a process a hundred and twenty-five thousand acres of pistachios in the Golden State usually get harvested within the three to four week period yeah pistachio harvest is a lot of long days you know everybody that works at our in the harvesting operation and the hauling and drying operation work 12 to 14 hour days every day of the week this red color yeah well they turn red when the Sun lights on when the nickels family purchased land just outside Fresno in California Central Valley more than 40 years ago they had no idea that decades later there would be a major force in the states 540 million dollar pistachio industry they also never realized that for several weeks at a time they and their 115 workers would literally be going nuts over nuts in a good way well the biggest thing is is there's a lot more pistachios than there were a few years ago the crop is grown very fast and there's only one variety so it matures all over the state about the same time so there's all this equipment all these harvesters out in the field all trying to get statues off in a very short time period because pistachios split on the tree the nuts of a snort fall on the ground because that would be unhygenic so these huge tree shaking machines have special bins or tarps attached to them once the fresh nuts arrived at the plant workers start the process of getting them hold and dried within three to four hours and a lot of them are antsy they call no not inside them but there are some good nuts that the hold that doesn't get removed so we actually feel them too compared to other nuts pistachios are fairly new to California Nicholls remembers his dad who grew up on a small farm in Clovis planting their first pistachio orchard back in 1983 back then it was a huge risk and he says many people thought they were well nuts I think a lot of it was as we were growing the kind of crops corn and wheat cotton that are grown all over the world and pistachios are unique there's only a few places in the world they can be grown and we have a perfect climate here in the valley
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