Camba Black Pearl Beer Review

Stay there thought I'd change things up a little bit bring it outside while it's still light outside to use some natural light.

This time we've got the camera black pearl nine twenty-eight percent abv.

It's got hella and uncle Kirsten sproul mult dunkelweizen Bravo's half the malt that's got being this water pail and dark barley malt dark wheat multiple malt hops top fermenting yeast you nice board to it my head son doesn't go through it.

Competing smells Palmer outside.

Do that for your flavor aroma did a pretty good job covering up the alcohol doesn't fill it tastes like it's that strong hey and it's just often will come back to entail in seen about website.

We're getting down here I can get a little bit more they'll call today flavoring in a bit in the blackshark look over all no man personally biggest thing is quick down and dirty maybe it's a little more subtle as far as the porter flavoring goes then the black shark now it's. Okay, you're into strong beers that are alcohols covered up fairly well by the malt and hops patterns give it a shot see on the next peer review for a Frankfort craft beer fest there too.

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