Camba Black Shark Beer Review

Alrighty we have only a few remaining beers from the Frankfurt craft beer festival the weakest one I have left it's a black sharp from combi brewing in bavaria coming in at eight point five percent abv holy shit about wonder they talk black sharp Oh have something else here shoes up she's a jaisa cops Columbus Chinook Simcoe Centennial crystal what the hell you just throw a bunch of hops in there it's definitely black nice nice looking good it's almost like a porter with hops a happy order to come a little bit whoever it is 8.5 ok glass of wine cool let me work on this when i'll come back and let quick down and dirty wowsers.

So damn slow I said is that a porter but eight-point-five percent Amy be excellent job of masking the alcohol with ingredients in this beer but I tell you what it packs one hell of a punch you don't taste it when you're drinking it but you can definitely feel it.

If you want a power-packed punch and beer have a black sharp I think one of those every two hours you know it could fit go yeah definitely have no problem drinking it but it is one of those since you wanna hey Cindy easy.

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