Camco 41541 Portable Toilet - 5.3 gallon

What's up guys? it's exactly what you see man it's a toilet.

Why did I buy a toilet well since I've been doing a lot of camping with the 4x4 truck and we're going into remote areas I'm not that young man anymore I thought well let's get something with a little more comfort being I control this right in the back of the truck and what's really nice about. This is um from what I'm seeing it says it's lightweight sturdy construction its leak proof that's very very important it's leaked through right through the parts of durable long lasting has a sealing slide valve ez flush lock solders detachable holding tank the tank on the bottom detaches see just walking into any bathroom and dump it which is really nice you can throw sanitation chemicals into the waste tank I guess that makes it smell pretty you filled the fresh water tank which is the top that you're sitting on you fill that with fresh water and like I said number three you can just unhook and dispose I looked at a lot of them on I looked at a lot of them on Amazon compared to reviews took a real close look at the heights the width the size of the seat I mean I really went quite particular on what I was looking for amazing when you want something that's just like the throne at home. This is five three gallons.

Basically you got a five gallon tank and three gallon tank I'm not sure which one is a freshwater which one is a bigger one I'd have to open it and see you guys probably the three is on the bottom of the fives on top or it's the other way around I would imagine but let me look at this real quick it was pretty bad well looks like we got regular clamps here on the side and that's what this connects to the top this thing opens which does the dumping and you get a lid on the back in here all plastic construction it does go it's got a gasket in that one what's this here RV toilet treatment drop-ins ultra concentrated supposed to smell like orange I guess I guess you drop these in the bottom I don't know the bowl seems pretty deep and. This is where you put the fresh water in that you're going to use for flushing and that's your flusher that feels kind of stiff I don't know how well that's going to work yeah lids a little flimsy we'll see how long that lasts I might end up putting a bolt in that later I can see that coming but the throne looks good looks like a nice throne to sit on and then we put our clamps on feels like that should be clamping down harder than that to me where we pull it down harder yeah let's pop it off too easy well we'll see when we get it out there I hope it don't leak all over the place.

We're going to have one heck of a mess that's for sure.

Unless I'm clipping it wrong no no. Okay, it's got some nice height to it when you sit on it and a little comfort when you're out in the wilderness now keep in mind I mean this can be used for more than just a wilderness I mean I don't know about you guys but we're all getting older and who knows we might end up in hospital some day and then they'll send us home and it may not be.

Easy to get to the bathroom it may be kind of difficult.

Maybe you'll need something like this for a couple weeks until you get back on your feet and heal up picking something like this up ahead of time might be smart to put away up in the corner for when you do need it like I said we're all getting older.

Anyhow guys that is what is that called let's name it up to camco cam what camco toilet guys are the links at the bottom. This is the one I'm going with as we take it on the bush Warren camp I mean you can keep an eye on us and see how it does I'll let you guys know how it's doing if it leaks or whatever but it was super affordable wasn't that expensive and it's just something you guys might want to consider catch you guys later.

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