Campbell's Fresh Brewed Soup

What's up to all my carry coffee drinkers tonight we have something else we were checking out from Keurig this came in my last package I ordered with some other goodies. This is Campbell's fresh brewed soup for curing hot. This is a sample pack try now the homestyle chicken broth and noodle soup mix open here for your for free sample as you can see here on the box they're showing you that you can use your Keurig to brew the water make it nice and hot and in the froth and I take it probably the noodles and everything are all just dried just like your old cup of noodles that you get from the store.

Like it says Campbell's fresh brew soup discover a new way to soup with your keurig brewer.

Our free sample is inside let's take a look at this my wife she'd seen this at the store at one point to believe it was walmart and we've thought about giving it a try but we never did with our last order that we've placed with Keurig actually are sometimes out to you.

As you can see here we have our camels pod which obviously. This is marked for the kurac to point out i don't see why this wouldn't work with your standard Keurig machine as well.

Fresh brewed soup and also get a packet and fresh fruit soup we find out more fresh brew soup calm delicious soup a touch of a button done new camels fresh fruit soup makes perfect 70 calorie snack and a brewer right from keurig brewers you love see the other side for directions on how to use both our varieties.

Yeah it's right there they're sure your boxes if you wanna go buy this at the store my instructions are poor empty to blend back into 12 ounce cup place on twitter under your trip tray and say your pod caution soup will be hot care for MU from drip tray stir soup with stand for 23 minutes enjoy and install your colouring your nutritional facts and that is it.

Let's get started as you see here at my giant Elvis Presley mug this will obviously handle the soup no problem because it says tear here MTR needles and vegetable mix and pick up is it as your mix in there the underneath for keurig insert our pod and size let's review the instructions to make sure i believe it's just 8 ounces which your standard.

Yes press eight ounce which what you're set for pause it here.

To have this born partner ok.

Our cup of soup is done here's how it looks for the moment we're going to let that stand for two to three minutes like it says stirred a little bit and then it will come back for Campbells fresh brew soup has sat for a little over the three minutes let's take a little bit actually does not look too bad there's definitely much thinner smaller noodles just to fit in that size of a packet being. This is a sample packet but probably not meant to be too large.

Give it a taste and let you know was actually my baton it's definitely better than your coverage cup of noodles it is Campbell's the broth definitely does have good taste to it just like your your standard and a nice part about doing this out of your caring is that you're not having to use a saucepan or a pot and heat up the oven and wait and let that cook you can just have this done with them under minutes on your Keurig.

You guys liked the video please remember to hit that like button subscribe as always keep watching keep an eye out for new keurig videos coming if you guys want to check out these candles fresh fruit soups you should be able to find these at your walmart your grocers grocery stores maybe even order these off of I doubt they'd be on curing his website but it is a possibility and I'm sure you probably find these on Campbell's website as well.

Again there's a mr mike and if you guys enjoy the video hit that like button and i will see you all in my next coffee video or tech video have a good night.

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