Campbell’s Home Style Light Baked Potato Soup Review

Yes welcome to another my chair of you tempo try a can of soup record to you by Joe on Twitter.

Thank you Joe. This is the new camels home style that's like big potato with bacon and chopped and sour yeah bacon and cheddar it's all a hundred calories per sword which is free enough to the web two and a half servings no two sovereigns.

It's all each other calories for the entire can and I love baked potatoes I like making you like chatter.

King a wrong right if it tastes good forty-five percent fewer calories and regular around ready to serve creamy potato soup here's the other information for you sodium club you know thirty sixty percent of your sodium you feat the whole can.

It's pretty high in sodium but that I wouldn't expect anything different from a I can suit because it's usually always high in sodium 50 grams of carbs not bad three grams of protein per serving.

It's not too bad either um it doesn't have directions of course my life but I'm it is do not have water just heat and start basically um no preservative that it.

Gotta pay in here I'm just gonna should be our top this with one hand we shall see we've gotten pretty good popping these loose Lupe's paper hey it's more liquidy than I would have thought don't open all the counter hard to look at look through the camera and see where you're going yeah that's what it looks like how much cut at all and get it all out of there um somebody get this in the stove yeah there I'm gonna get this on the stove and heat it up I'll prank you to spoon it right that last bad but then i'll be back once it gets heated up it really doesn't looking it over now but it did want to put it in better but it's heated up really good.

I need to look at cool offer man before i tried out some will let it cool off and be back in just a second. Okay, said time to cool off.

Here's the bottom got potato there's a little bit of bacon in there and soup hot that's.

Bad um I'll let me take another bite it's also a little bland it needs some roots more spice in there like I don't have some onion or some tomlin it needs a little more spice in there they have I put pepper in there it may help a little bit definitely don't have putting more salt in there because it's gotten us all but um it's good if you were like if you were sick and you needed something warm just to eat and and you didn't want anything really brought that you might be able to handle this because it's pretty it's a pretty bland soup that's not to say it's a bad soup it's not bad at all it's definitely worth eating um if you're looking for something that's all the 200 calories this may be a really good choice for you me personally it's a little bland for me I probably wouldn't buy it again just because it is kind of bland yes I could put stuff in here to make it better but as it stands out of the can it's kind of bland kind of kind of flavorless the potatoes are cooked well I'll do it say that potatoes are cooked well it has a creamy flavor to it has a creaminess to it it's not as thick as like a cream of mushroom or a cream of chicken is it's it's a lot much run yer than that I'm assuming that's to cut calories because you can't add all the cream and stuff to it to make it thicker.

Our flour whatever they do to make it thicker you can't add all that for the lower calorie but overall pretty plain I will probably help rate the rest of this but I'll probably add some crackers to it some rich surge of saltines or whatever we got up there I'll add that to this just ad-libbed more texture and flavor to it but yeah I probably give this one me personally I would give this 1a to tell somebody by again two out of five not something I would buy again just because it is flavorless if you like potato soup and you don't like a really strong flavor like you're trying to get something a little bit more bland like I said if you kind of saved your stomach or something try it out you might really like it.

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