Okay so. This is what happens when we getting when we open up this never buy these folks it's rustic lentil never buy it see it's got the code already coded 2010 10 2016 EST 55 am f9e 0711 for 1746. Okay, and i call it customer service and they don't want to do nothing about it.

Like it's a sealed can write when you open it up hey even give you a bad start yeah you open it up here's what you get oh my god there's watch your finger don't do that with your finger yep watch what you get nothing just water and I try to call up candles and they don't give a shit and the fact that is about it people get this kind of stuff to the food banks and. This is what you get. This is what you're given with the food bank. Okay, hello have a nice drink ok. This is what you get at the food bank. Okay, it supposed to be warm hearty lentils. Okay, there's not even one freaking mental this with water and Jerry and carrots. Okay, buddy I have a whole bunch of cans. Okay, i also have a cane with them with us 07 114 1746. Okay, and i got 147. Okay, and they're all the same thing. Okay, I told the war i bought it and the guy hung up on me he hung up on me like a game i gave them the bar code which is here i gave them all information and he just wanted like I told him I have four kids I could have had more than four cans i paid three dollars a can. All right, well 299 a can and i usually give this kind of stuff to the food banks but I instead gave it to um.

I'm going to hello never gets up your holiness veena ok.

Anyway, anyway Steph ok anyways um. This is if we got a phone call there but. This is what you get. Okay, some carrots you're not supposed to be in lentils or supposed to be like a whole bunch of stuff in here can you please go under the room stuff because I'm doing this. All right, and stuff other room please I am doing this and like there's there's nothing in here.

All these ingredients in all you have is water no lentils at all just some carrots and it's just actually just water and carrots any candles as one do you nothing about it.

I'm going to make any I made a YouTube video now about this because you don't want do nothing i told him i'm going to do this and got connections with the wet seep with a TV and cp24 and we're going to go and do the recalled. Okay.

There we go we're going to make this um make it the news now because. This is ridiculous and people should not be ripped off people should not be ripped off.

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