Campbell's Simply Soup | Winter Vegetable

Hey everybody! more of the homemade soup today. This is breakfast and lunch all in one go I'm not normally a huge breakfast eater anyway.

Just a little bit of soup for breakfast a bit more quite a bit more for lunch so. This is it breakfast and lunch all at once and it's going well I'm going really well and I'm more happy than ever because I've actually we have actually smashed through my initial $100 barrier and I had to reset it.

I've set it up to I've put it up to two hundred dollars and guess what we've already on the way to that so. This is fantastic and I'm going to read out the names of those who have already contributed because. This is just a big thank you to everybody really big thang here it's fantastic stuff to have you guys on board and helping me out get through this i am only eating soup I'm allowed to have a little bit of bread and coffee.

That's what I've been having since Saturday it's now monday lunchtime. Okay, big thank yous to cat Ursula John jean-michel Sam and Amanda guys thank you very much let's get to that two hundred dollar mark and maybe i'll have to change it again and up it again that would be really exciting if i had to do that still got a few days to go it's only monday got till Friday quite a bit to get through quite a bit more soup to get through well anyway, i'm doing alright feeling. Okay, doing alright i'm very happy with it i'm very happy with the way the whole thing is going thanks for the donations thanks for the support check out the Salvos sites and the attached links are all in the description box below where anybody else can also sepang samee sponsor me guys see you soon for dinner I wonder what I'll have for dinner Oh well guess what folks are meeting soup and tonight it's Campbell's winter vegetable all sorts of yummy vegetables five vegetables in every box Wow.

I have got what have I got I don't know what have I got my carrots potatoes onions celery and a few other bits and pieces and it tastes pretty good slightly spicy and it's quite delicious anyway, that's enough for today I've got to get into my soup and continue on thanks guys for all your support seriously great stuff I'll see you tomorrow bye look at that again that is just Joe Jenny get a real close up of all that stuff there's a lot of stuffing man that's a lot stylist.

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