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Hi welcome to lens recipes today I'm going to make some candied almonds these almonds are really good to use on the top of the salad or you can just snack on them to make this recipe these are the ingredients that you're going to need you need a third cup of granulated sugar and two thirds of cup almonds also I'm going to cool them after they're cooked on this Reynolds nonstick wrap and that way they won't stick to anything and we can break them up a little easier to start this recipe we're going to go over to our stove and melt our sugar and then add our almonds to it okay the first thing I'm going to do is I'm heating my skillet over just almost a high heat not quite I'm going to add the sugar and i'm going to start stirring it now this will liquefy and the reason i don't add the almonds right away is because it takes a few minutes for the sugar to start turning to a liquid and if you add the almonds too soon that will burn so I'm going to start stirring this and it will start to turn to liquid and then when it's almost all liquefied then I'll add the offers and this takes just a few minutes ok so I'm stirring and it is starting to melt and as it melts sometimes you get these little clumps but you just keep stirring and they will eventually just all of this will just turn to liquid now what you need to you can actually see some of the liquid on the bottom there right now what you need to do is be really careful with this kind of sugar because if it gets on your skin or splashes out it'll burn you because it gets really really hot so we're going to keep stirring and it's going to keep melting and then I'll show you what it looks like okay so all of our clumps are just about out the sugar is melted and it's a nice brown color so now I'm going to add my almonds and stir try to get get them all coated and work pretty fast because you don't want the almonds to burn okay so that's looking pretty good so now what I'm going to do is take it back over to the counter and spread it out on the nine or the nonstick riddles wrap so I'm going to try to spread this out in the lair now what we're going to do is cool this and and then we'll break it up but you can try to spread it as thin as you as you can at this point and then it'll be easier to break up into little pieces spoon because it starts hardening that pretty quickly so I'm going to leave this here to cool and then walk back to break it up my candy almonds had cooled and this is what they look like and now i'm going to show you what to do with them as you can see nothing have stuck to the reynolds aluminum foil that's nonstick it's great and all you do is just take them and just break them apart you can make them as big or small as you want okay now i have a few pieces here that are kind of big that we're hard to break up so you can do this if if you run into that problem just kind of fold your soil over and take a mallet and just give it a little whack you'll want to do it too much because your pulverize I mean you can't use them but that just breaks them up into more bite-sized pieces so these are ready to using the salad or munch on and this is what they look like when they're done and I hope you enjoy
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