Candied Almonds Recipe - How to Make Glazed Nuts

Lila don't hit me barbecue we're gonna make it today there's gonna be some candied almonds very simple recipe let's get in and hook it up ingredients we're going to need first of all we're gonna have three cups of almonds we're gonna have a cup of sugar we're just gonna go ahead and add this to our skillet we have a half a cup of brown sugar and if you see that there's a little brown specks in there that's because I used the same scoop to scoop that out with so we got that in there we have one tablespoon of cinnamon 1/2 a tablespoon of nutmeg I'm gonna go with a cup of water and about a tablespoon of vanilla now we're gonna do is we're gonna go ahead and cook this down until we start seeing it kind of bubble a little bit and once we get to that point we will add our almonds to it about two minutes to get to this simmer and at this point we're going to go ahead and add our almonds and we're gonna cook these until there's really no more liquid left the almonds I'm using are raw almonds and you're gonna want to keep you know take your time on this I'm turning my heat down to a medium low and the reason why is you're not gonna want this sugar to burn or it's gonna really have a harsh taste to it since you can see where we're at right now we are about 12 minutes into this and looks like a lot of the liquid is kind of evaporated out of this I'm thinking we're probably going to need another 10 more minutes and this should be a wrap you're just about done with this and see how all this is kind of cooked out now is when it's really important to keep stirring or you know turn the temperature down if you're not going to be able to keep a constant eye on it but we have about five seven more minutes left to go just to the point where this stuff is starting to stick to the pan it is time for us to take this off and we're gonna put it on some wax paper so a little tip I got from another YouTube channel is to crumple up the chip to the wax paper before you put it on the sheet and that keeps it from bending up the name of that channel is headship mom Kim the lawrence go ahead and take a look at her channel and we'll put a link to that channel in the iCard above and the description below we're gonna go ahead and let these cool down for about 20 minutes and they should be done here's what the final product looks like right here now you still feel pretty warm I'm gonna go ahead and taste them while they're still warm eat these things already but these things excellent kind of chewy a little bit almost like they're not like a crunchy on them but they're kind of chewy they got that hard you know that hard cinnamon lady's sugar stuff up try this this is a bum anyway let's definitely try this thanks for stuff I know he'd be barbecue comment subscribe and I'm out
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