Candied Pecans and Other Nuts (Candy for Grown-ups)

It has come to my attention that there are grown-ups who eat candy on Halloween we want families and I don't mean dark chocolate truffles I mean skittles and candy corn grown-ups please if you're going to give yourself cavities and ruin all those trips to the gym at least do it in style today we're making candy for grown-ups in the shape of handed sliced pecans but of course you're welcome to use any nuts the best technique in case you think that I am trying to pass health food as candy let me assure you that these nuts have all the cavity-causing potential of skittles and the addictive power is so potent that I question the legality of what we're doing complexity and crunch you will be hard-pressed to encounter while trick-or-treating let's preheat the oven to 300 degrees and get started mix together 2 tablespoons of brown sugar a quarter cup of granulated sugar half a teaspoon of cinnamon quote a teaspoon cardamom quarter teaspoon ground ancho chili and half a teaspoon of diamond crystal kosher salt but you might need half as much salt if using another type mix very thoroughly until all the brown sugar lumps are broken up I find the easiest way to do it is to rub the mixture between your hands that separate one egg white and beat it with an electric mixer to a soft peak stage be patient it takes a few minutes we'll only need half of this egg white foam but I find that it's easier to discard half of beaten egg white then to try to separate it in half before bidding add half a pound of nuts and thoroughly coated an egg white at the sugar mixture and thoroughly coat the nuts with it spread them on a parchment lined baking sheet in a single layer this is probably the most labor-intensive part of this recipe you do need to separate these nuts so that they are not sitting on top of each other bake in the middle of 300 degree oven for 30 minutes during the stamp the coating around the nuts will puff up and become pretty firm and after 5 minutes of cooling it will harden into deliciously brittle shell these are amazing while still warm but if you don't eat them all in one sitting pull them off completely and store in an airtight container packaged in mason jars they make excellent holiday gifts especially when combined with a gym membership for more effective food don't forget to subscribe to Helens kitchen channel and if you are ever in the Boston area
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