Canon Pixma iP7220 (Unboxing)

Hey ice today we'll be doing a video on the canon pixma IP 72 to zero I've not really seen any videos actually done on this printer and if I do find a video it isn't even in English.

I decided this would be a great opportunity for me to put one up for those who are looking into purchasing this photo printer the printer has wireless printing mobile printing and you can also print onto a disk and it also has air print the printer has five different ink colors you can also print on both back and front of pages and it also prints in full HD movies the ink colors that you get in the Box are cyan magenta yellow black and PG black you can also purchase these in regular form or extra large when you open up the box get all the inks at the top you also get the disc that comes with the printer you're going to want to install that I noticed that I you have to install it because. This is there's no screen on the printer you also get instructions and I'm not gonna lie I had to use these with a printer and because it was a little bit confusing like I said there was no screen and also you get the power cord the printer is covered in a film and you need to remove this and we also remove all the orange tape that is sticking everything together make sure you don't miss anything because it could mess something up and you don't really don't want that happening to a brand new printer the bottom of the printer has two cassette in this trays one is for normal paper if you want to use just a normal paper for a regular printing and the other tray can be used for photos also attached to one of the cassette discs is actually an insert that you can put a disc onto it and insert it into the printer and an image can be printed on to the disc itself on the left side you have a power button the resume button and the Wi-Fi button and also on the right you have a tray opener or you want to college opens up the trays for your papers to come out and don't worry if you have this left up and you start printing don't like for because when you go to print something it automatically opens itself up.

Don't have to worry about that now I'm still getting used to the printer first time I found it difficult like I stated previously it doesn't have a screen.

I had to read the instructions.

Make sure you read the instructions and you do everything properly before actually using the printer it's a good start and make sure you also install the drivers that also helps a lot if you guys would like to see a full explanation and a demo of this printer please leave a comment or like this video and if this video reaches over 200 likes I will do a video for those who are interested in it I will show you how to print things a demo of prints that I've printed and all that good stuff so. This is new 24/7 and I will see you guys in the next video.

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