Cashew Nuts Preparation Crooked Tree Village Style

The word cashew is synonymous with the village of Crooked Tree and that's exactly where we are today looking at the many uses of cashew of course if you pick it right off the tree there's always the option of eating the actual fruit but then again if it falls to the ground and you don't want to pick it up and wash it you have other options which include taking the knot and roasting it taking the actual fruit washing it and then stewing it and of course turning it into wine today we're going to be taking a look at exactly how you roast akasha feed and also how you stew cashew you don't want to miss this because it's going to be quintessential village life nothing like this check it out I love doing this for the last two days not continuously but a couple of hours a day and it's to catch it with brown sugar a little bit of spice seed and orange peel you can cook it for another two three days or you could you know or no there so the real secret with this I don't know if I should reveal a real secret it's the container that you stew it in the pot you cannot stupid it the culture in a iron pot it has to be a aluminum aluminum right because the iron pot the cashew has a lot of iron in it already and so if you stood in an iron pan I mean it's going to really be too too intense so it's going to really pull mostly iron all of it so that does this that's a trick you're still using the traditional fire heart why that as opposed to butane gas stove or electric store well several reasons it's an expensive because you know we have like a lot of wood wrong here in abundance I mean you know you just you know a lot of wood but the main thing I believe it's the details you know and how long does it stay after that once bottle it off and stuff like that and you know after you actually stood because of the sugar in it you kind of preserve it so you can have it for once you keep it enough in a jar maybe a glass jar is best you can you can have it up on top for four months ears it all depends roasting the cushion not we used Pinewood it's not like coconut it's not like stewing the cache overused awkward because that we rather for roasting the nut with rather the the Pinewood because it maintains a higher just like the work with a higher heat it maintains a constant heat so for roasting cashew you really want a high heat high flame you don't you know you don't roast them for too long it's no joke roasting crisis Kushina that mean it's a lot of work and the first thing you have to do is to pick him up from under the trees like over here you know honey it all depends on depends on how you pick him up then like this and then you have to you have to take the nut off right so this is exactly so this is what we're roasting over here right and this is what we we just wish doing right and then after you collect the nut from all under the trees you got to put them out in the Sun to dry like like over here these hardly happen in the Sun for I guess for like a couple weeks now and it all depends on and when you pick them up from under the trees because like if you pick them up a come on the trees when they're when they just fall then you have to Sun them for a longer longer time I'm going to take some of these I mean when you put them in that high in outer roasting pan over here at the fire look okay I got a little bit good okay start start and just just avoid the flame is gonna take a little and this thing has a lot of sub they all from this is um it's flammable so what you got to do you as soon as the oil starts to to melt down like you can hear something melt down this was this will climb up in a little bit so we just gotta keep storing moves because you don't want to roast them over roast em because then you still have to to bake them what's the purpose of roasting the roasting it at this point if you still have to bake them roasting is like cooking them but I'm baking is just to give them the flat finish if you don't continue to stir it in the catcher iron they will they will not rules evenly today they're so it's so you don't want them to burn see there we go there we go so that's what you need you see once you have it here like that put the fire in there you dose this is we're starting to get tricky start it's almost done and this is pretty much done here like this but are you going to still bake him so now what I got to do is to take this right I'm going to pull it off normally you put a piece of tin here but I'm going to all right and then I had this this brunch right here right so you can just dolls are flame right so and then that's done then you take it and you put it on a piece of tin tin or your ID or piece of zinc now you got to spread them out to cool them because of the acid in it what happens if you if you crack them or pick them up as they are right now well right now they're very hot and if you crack them with your bare hands even after they're cooled because of all they the acid is Crips your the layer off your hands I mean your hands get as Brahe's look at you right there and it after a couple of days maybe two or three days I start feeling that just like when you get sunburn from the fire heart under cashew nuts to coat them to dry up the beef fat it's not just the acid but they have cashew has a lot of oil yeah - its raw state the tape it's one knot at a time you got a crack them take your fingers open them drop them in there but it's good money if you go to anybody who knows Cassius lead and sell them it's 20 dollars apart and most people in in Crooked Tree when it's a good crop a good season get anywhere between 10 to 25 bucks a cashew seed it's a good income for for us in the village most people stick it in the oven it's easier but a lot of people just put it on a baking pan on the fire hearth between Finn cover and wood on the top and bake it like you big Johnny cake probably it's on the top yeah a little bit on just a little bit of coal underneath but the main heat is on the top of it and a piece of arm tin and let them cool and then you just take the this outer layer off and then you get a finished product and these are just some of the products that you get from the cashew that's still cashew this is cashew wine and if you want it all-natural the cashew fruit nothing seems as good as that but of course the concern of stealing your clothing and your teeth you're not careful but my favorite is definitely the cashew seed already not and one thing I learned today is definitely how much energy how much effort goes into bringing cashew feed to you on Albert Street so the next time there's a small bag and if they $10 not up what say okay I understand theater $10 and you will enjoy even more back to you my lady right there in the studio have some cash receipts feel
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