Cashews....Raw not Roasted or Salted

Hey there it's Christina with another grocery store video sharing with you today what I have in my cart and today's video is all about cashews and this is one of my favorite nuts and what I want to say about cashews is I want to remind you to always buy them natural and raw you don't want to get the ones that are roasted because they're roasted in oil and you know who knows what kind of oil that is it could be trans fats and you know when were they rested probably months ago and not oil sitting on the shelf going rancid these are nut with their own oil and own fat inside of them so there's no reason to get roasted so make sure when you buy cashews you get them raw and the other thing is you want to get them without salt you don't want them salted because when they are salted there's always way way too much sodium and also they're salted with table salt iodized salt not like pink Himalayan sea salt or anything like that which on is mineral rich so you're getting bad oils rancid oils and table salt so really it's it's ruining be on the benefit of the natural nut so just by cashews raw natural on the nutrient dense or healthy source of fat and you can eat them as snacks you can you know crush them up break them up and put them on salads or some crunch they can be used in vegan baking recipes and you also can make cashew cheese and cashier got two cashew cream for non-dairy versions of these things so keeping it plant-based keeping it vegan keeping it kinds cruelty-free you won't have any saturated fat cholesterol or acidity and you'll have gastrointestinal ease because dairy is on and you won't have lactose either dairy is very very hard on the human digestive system it's really not something we should be consuming products of another species so whether it's for health with animals it's just uh not really good idea so they're all there are alternatives and there's tons of recipes for cashew cheese and cashew botsa and cashew cream on the internet and you can this to make lasagna raw vegan lasagna with zucchini noodles layered you know with the roasted garlic fresh tomatoes and yeah I've gotta find some recipes and put it in the description box below in case this is something new and you haven't heard of it about it before but anyway so I'm going to get some raw cashews today and I just wanted to share it with you you know that I always take you grocery shopping with me and share with you what I'm what I'm buying and what's in my cards right here from the source because this is where all the decisions are made and it all starts here so thank you so much for watching and I'll see you on a future video bye
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