CCbetter mini hot glue gun

I am going to be reviewing the CC better mini hot glue gun.

Right here I already have it heated up I've had it on well now for about 15 minutes but when i first started before i started using it i had it on for only about five minutes although it did heat up pretty quickly even before they just wanted to give it a couple of extra minutes just to be sure does have the on off switch right here and of course the glue stick just slides right in the back um there are 25 glue sticks included in the set here they. All right, here and they are a lot bigger than I expected I thought they were going to be the standard you know three to four inch size glue sticks that you get like at any craft store but these are actually 10.5 inches and it says there's 25 but because they're.

Big you actually get about two and a half standard size of blue six per one of these large glue sticks.

You're actually getting like I think that's like 60 to 263 of the standard size glue sticks which is a phenomenal deal I think it also is a 20 watt glue some glue gun.

CCbetter mini hot glue gun

It does work for really quickly and really well watch I'll show you some right here comes out nice and smooth it doesn't get gulabi or anything like that I'm not even pressing pressing the trigger in all the way I'm just pressing it in lightly and it's already coming out which is a little a huge step up from my old hood crappy one basically because I would have to press it in all the way and press down on the glue stick to get anything done and I do a lot of crafts at home.

That obviously became a pain and it kind of stopped working on top of it which.

I'm glad i got this one I've actually tested it out on this little craft I'm doing which is going to be on the top of a sweet 16 centerpiece at a party coming up and I originally tried it with double sided tape to hold the sweet part onto the 16 and that did not work at all i just kept falling off but i glue these two as you can see it's nice and sturdy they're not going anywhere i just put the glue on and i held it on for about 10 seconds before I'm actually moving it to make sure it dried everything is on nice and strong.

I won't have to worry about it falling apart at the party which of course is great um yeah I'm extremely impressed by how well it works it even has a little green indicator light to tell you that it's actually working properly and again has like this nice smooth stream of glue you don't have to worry about it damaging anything or getting gloop God you haven't like these big goopy glops while you're trying to use it and you also don't have to worry about pushing down the glue stick because it moves down on its own too and it even comes with this little stand.

You don't have to worry about it tipping over things like that when you when you just have it there waiting to heat up but the glute the stand actually doesn't come connected it comes separate you do have to put it on which is really easy there's just these two tiny little holes on each side that it just clips right into and you're good to go on the cord is also really long to its I say between four and feet four and five feet long.

You can definitely have some mobility while using it.

Yeah I definitely recommend this mini glue gun it works perfectly.

Far that I've discovered if it if anything changes of course i will update my review but.

Far it's been working fabulously and i'm very impressed with it thanks for watching.

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