Celebrate Snacktivity with DAVID Seeds

Behold the sunflower seed the world's most interactive snack we call it smacked it and with a little practice you can not only master munching them but even develop a seed eating style a share with the world sees taste great are good for you too but before you eat them you have to know how to eat them.

Let's go step one open the show observe see between the teeth gently by here the crack like beautiful music well done and the fun has just begun step two separate the seed from the shell give your teeth arrest two steps all about the tongue flick that seed free and you're one step closer to tasting all kinds of awesomeness yeah you've got it now here's where it gets a little crazy step 3 ditch the show whether you let them fly or keep it dainty you got to lose the shell now that it's gone prepare to experience some serious sunflower flavor. Okay, smacks Birds are you ready for some advanced techniques step 4 get a mouthful time for your gold face to get in on the snack tivity put a bunch in one cheek then move one seed your teeth with your tongue for cracking then repeat if you run out go get more we've got a five gallon bucket with your name on it if your name's david seeds that is eet's that be happy and because all our delicious flavors are.

Portable you can show your style anywhere the office the cars the ballpark there are no limits on where to get snacks if people got the basics down now it's time for you to come up with a style all your own.

Whether you munch our original flavor or grab a handful of dill pickles buffalo style ranch barbeque or any of our other varieties we want you to show the world what you've got step 5 get a seating style there are a million ways to eat spit and be happy.

It's yours show your saving style posted to youtube and target david seeds.

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