CHA 2016: Deco Foil by Therm O Web

Hi. This is dawn with thermal web we're at the craft and hobby show getting a quick look at all the great new products that are coming out for thermal web we introduced our deco foil line at last year's show new for this year we have seven great new foil colors we also have stencils designer stencils and an adhesive pen that's fantastic for doing not only stenciling but your own handwriting the adhesive pen works with the foils and it can be heat transferred with a laminator or transferred with the pressure of a die-cut system.

It's really an easy great product to use we also have new peel and stick toner sheets these are essentially 8 by 10 black laser printed papers they have an adhesive backing and they can be die cut into any shape or fed through an electronic cutting system you add a foil sheet over the top of the shape you run it through a hot laminator and you've essentially created your own foil stickers really fun product to use our foils actually work on paper and fabric.

They're great for mixed-media creations new products will be shipping the week of Valentine's Day.

That's easy to remember and our regular deco foil line is available now if you have any questions please visit thermo web com we'd love to talk with you thanks.

CHA 2016: Deco Foil by Therm O Web

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