Chat Masala Roasted Cashew Nuts - Vegan - Salty Snack

This review sky so I decided to roast my own cashew nuts and i'm going to do like an indian / Asian flavor they usually use chat masala and what makes it so distinctive is the mango powder that has a egg effort to it okay we have onion powder um bricks eat all from Cajun barbecue sea salt which has only simple sees mess with it a little bit of pink Himalayan some tumor eggs and some chilies and I'm going to take half of them and add a little sesam old tool my probably won't accessible to all of us because I really want that authentic Indian flavor so yeah there you have it roast it and then put the spices on after you get down low sooner okay you the nuts are evenly roasted and you have to watch the edges and cool them in the middle and then scoops the lighter ones outward but definitely everything's roasted pretty even and now i'm about to seize them with the chat masala about some of fast and nuts as you can see they're roasted some a dark is another one I like that contrast and I roasted them with the grapeseed oil so I'm going to 12 chaat masala both of them actually going to be that but one just going to have to assess them all with it and I'm gonna have them spicy a bit salty because it's awfully a salty snack little bit of turmeric and ginger ground ginger oh yeah there you have it oh this is the finished product I'm the chai masala roasted cashews seize them spicy even use a little celery salt again this is a salty snack it's or you can make it to your discretion now if you go to a restaurant like an Indian restaurant or indian grocery store some of them are mindful about the salt and some of them have them like tasting like a brawny net like their overwhelming with all these are not so there you have it beautiful nice and they're still warm you
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