Chemical Guys Foam Blaster and Car Meet

Good morning it is 11-50 october twenty seconds in land o florida and it is 63 degrees which is pretty cold.

Obviously we have to whoops when it's cold wash the car it's really dirty really really dirty if I get this right yeah it's been a while in the wash it.

Let's wash the car but before we get started I got this uh Chemical Guys foam cannon from amazon the honeydew foam little cannon thingy comes with this little handle too.

That that.

Chemical Guys Foam Blaster and Car Meet

Real quick tip for this before you put the soap in like an idiot like I did what you want to do is fill up with water first and then put the soap in because he put the soap in its gonna fizz everywhere and just be crazy.

Approach it for water and first and then so. All right, now you see up to the line for what soap it's like radioactive green thingy majiggy.

There should be some numbers right here if you could see it there we go to zero that's super that's really funny it goes all the way to six I won't do it but yep like I do now is a hook on to that and then spray away. All right, next thing we do is put that in there little fancy they gave us and man walks on getting a little shake cool and yeah spreads you technically it's like some or you're honest Billy fun yeah.

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