Chilli Sauce Tests "Chilli Cashew Nut Butter"

Hello and Lucas show joining me today for something different but completely awesome chili cashew nut butter from sinful sources pinnacle yeah we tried the naga and mustard the other week and that was excellent and you even had china that sense and they've got what this one habanero and cardamom and scotch bonnet hood pomegranate yen ah look this is the songs seven deadly sins so sinful sauces Paul and Kelly sent these out for us to have a crack at but everybody has been wanting to try this and people are might have been raving about this so raven got the blurb happenin big fella Oh sinful sources is owned and run by Paul and Kelly a husband and wife team who have an appreciation for Chili's and undoubtedly loved that food with a bit of heat what started out as a small fleeting idea in the summer of 2010 quickly evolved into what is not an enterprising business for opinion both Paul and Kelly are avid chili enthusiasts and eating enjoy eating food from all parts of the globe their backgrounds are considerably diverse and it is this diversity that plays an integral part in the overall character of what simple sources is today both Paul and Kelly are very active in all the processes involved in running simple thought depre their personal hands-on approach and eye for detail is apparent in every bottle of sauce pickled and spread that comes out of their kitchen the results speak for themselves chili cashew nut butter we love cashew nuts and have a soft spot for peanut butter so we've decided to combine the two ideas and create a cashew nut butter in true simple style we've spiced it up with some chili yo thank you for that long blood grab a spoon big fella and shy scoop I don't know here you want to go with that it's very sort of smooth and also granny's just have a DP nice photos yeah yeah oh oh it's like a nice oh that yo Oh quick you can have to go throw it Willie thank you hmm the smell though it's just lost nations light I'm light shouldn't not get a nice buttery similar ah Go Go well that's not gonna happen up there again well oh yeah oh yeah mmm oh mmm mm-hmm beautiful hmm that's seriously good seriously a lock yeah but listen real donkey no I just have a nobody gets God neatly this isn't clunky heart melts don't ya just beautiful no wait yeah and claw ya swing that's delicious hmm oh sorry oh gee oh don't burn happening hmm I got a bird happen to you sir just starting at the back of the throat now yeah that is so good I yeah I don't know how to describe it to select which one sighs to sexual experience haha Arthur you're gonna have one then yeah oh sorry hmm it's like that's not well that's not peanuts so it's not peanut butter ish it's not a sweet like Oh cashews but just EDD of a deep Kesha that's a real nice flight yeah yeah fluffy fluffy absolutely like a care ingredients ingredients in it what's in it what's in it what's in it cashews garlic roasted cashews 96% sugar chili groundnut oil and salt so little that's brilliant well that is a nice enticed oh yeah in the burn it's actually picking up hmm that'll be nice thoughts in the throat yet be nice an ice cream oh really yeah air cuz it would I suppose not at all outlets mmm I'm vegetable korma mmm or making sadly or anything yep but seriously nice hmm and the burn yeah yeah not too much right but you know it's there like as you see you can feel it there well then it picks up and sort of moves forward and I'm actually starting to sweat and it's a really nice light bird but although it from the back of the throat I can actually feel it more in the back of the throat than anywhere else but here all the way through with the taste I mean yeah that's probably well nothing compared oh no you to see what everyone's raving about it and unlike you to all the people at least they're coming he wanted to test it yes very lucky you could even carrot into it um sorry anything yep put it over me to give it a nice so Sartre's try another thing that is sensational and wow that's amazing thank you so much Paul Kelly for all of those of us especially that hey everyone get that yeah heaps nice even with cheese on toast yeah all right things mmm well we'll give it a few minutes because here is burn adamant and well my whole yeah now it's got a nice little glow on to hurt and I usually wouldn't perfect that anyone could have this yes so good introduction to Chile if you haven't tried unless they're allergic to nuts they probably shouldn't have it off cuz it may contain traces of nuts yeah yeah I do detect a hint of nuttiness coming through alright well yeah thanks again guys and where can you get it from I'm so sorry right there right here sinful sources co dot uk' thank you so much pork and kill don't need and we'll be back in a few minutes see that win and we're back five minutes later with sinful sources chilly cashew nut butter yeah yeah you want to smell it again smells scrumptious it is and it's not always about the heat no it's not Oh No but this isn't no gives you a bit of a burn at the back of the throat just yet tingle for a while yeah but lights your mouth up a little bit yeah but if you overlook this just cuz it's not scorchingly hot while you're an idiot well you'd miss out on something absolutely fantastic you know yeah I you're an idiot so there you have again thanks guys that is seriously different yeah but absolutely amazing I just reckon it'd be cool to experiment what it really goes well with well we going to me and stick smell it's just amazing your chili peanuts and shit looks like cashews now chili nut cheese in to get so well all right young burn wise though nice just I still had a nice little tingle happening just like the back of my throat and on my little you have some peeps sorry yeah but it does go for a fair while oh yeah seven right now yeah it's but that's why we don't have because you had like half a truckload mmm yeah but if you put them on your food you'd get the nice continuous but yeah yeah what is universally eating yeah so really well in place of like you know sorry Oh peanut so oh definitely definitely because someone's pain i get to be over arrogant slaver god oh god oh okay all right so you guys grab that if you can and thank sinful sources for making it they may call Kevin oh poor aunt Kelly Kelly on Paul Kelly go there you go sinful sources co dot uk' yeah all right yeah well take care everyone you
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