Chinook Seedery: Hatch Green Chile Sunflower Seeds & Mediterranean Organic Green Olives with Herbs

Yes today we are going tried two things that lard from San Antonio Texas Senate I have the Chinook scenery hatch green chile on.

Far seeds green chili bean enemy weird and I have the Mets rainy and organic green olives with herbs shoes sunkist in the Mediterranean Oh what's the mud well you want to be all for now I'm going to ice it says no mess ready to eight total BS there's going to be much like when I bet you listen to me some juice don't try yours before truck chili now try mine yeah my sour little toe wipeout wallet almost 2 meters out a little bit there's school teased I mean yeah not now i'ma throw them ago anyway, you're driving boy girl we got back here 15 16 haven't been that package go on to stuff all over it after shower.

I pelican vault I haven't eaten out of it cooker go um honestly there are some a key difference it tastes like a little jar call-ups today you don't like all not really i get to be our shower oh yeah.

Does it really good um Caillat best thing i've ever eaten no the herbs life as little as much the flavor to figure how to try it has been a real kind of all flavors then we cut ours I can eat pouches of sour flavor yeah but that's anyways that that's fun house gonna get that alright these are the hatch green chile from a number of our season 14 if I was on a game shall I think most anything if iíd like half a pound of those I don't use the property part for fucktards loops and I just I could get no not no offense to the product with rock out of themselves many thanks / TD think exclusive to Nathan now people are experts of this get the seeds out the heck spitting freely available because that drives us to get out that normally takes me up because I crush mine in too short I'll bite besides up pop them now she bought the colonel tastes like a parent yeah I don't really get up Cilic whatever reason over the show the juice I'm not good at this you know I did literally crushed every bit of it you gotta find Sokka like both tall tall white my teeth must be right here something because I keep it that's what I've. This is why you might have rattled by some passing I by the Colonel's and I just eat banks of the colonel they're not bad now there's been some bar seems man there's only you get to tell me if you suck on the dub this to the shell you go a little bit of a pepper but a little bit of a peppery case but no no hex green chili from I believe it's a good way Mike thank you very very much Lord for soon these cuz we really appreciate anything there sup life season one of things it's like I brothers it's more convenient just to buy the fact I've already seated with this shell ones maybe the olives are really good to all I put these in the bag anything to the sandwich or sun.

All I goes a lot sunflower seeds yeah I could take Malaysian yeah I think once you got used to eat them all the time I need to make it viewable I cry huge see a whole handful in its mouth and like spinach Sam I know I know God that literally they'll get a bottle like they're dipping boom and though that they can spit the Shelby archetypes every time in and just sit there for hours and do that I guess it's something spooky mouth you know like I'm sorry who really like these from front will give them yes.

Again thank you re very much and hope everybody else enjoy this video and we'll catch [Applause].

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