CHOCOLATE Candy BONANZA! Chocolate BAND-AIDS Giant Reese's & Kiss! Hershey Survivor BOX! FUN

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Many times and here you go we are doing a chocolate bonanza out here in front of me I have some of the yummiest chocolate egg in the world we started off with this huge mega mega jumbo Reese's peanut butter cups these are two half pound cups if you can believe it or not and Reese's peanut butter cups are my ultimate favorite chocolate ever they are delicious I love these I love Twix Snickers. This is.

Funny it's actually 1 pound of chocolate and I think it's the biggest Reese's Cups in the world we are also gonna be tested a box of chalky these are milk chocolate band-aids can you believe this for life's boo-boos I seriously have never seen anything like this ever when I first thought it really looked like a box of band-aids until I look closer and I was like what is going on here.

Much fun can't wait to test them out see how they're wrapped up moving on to the third one which is probably the most amazing in this whole entire chocolate bonanza we have a Hershey's chocolate world chocolate survivor box at a month ago I did a candy Survivor box and now we have the full chocolate one mmm this was.

Good I seriously think I could just eat the whole entire thing we get some crackle bars dark chocolate Reese's peanut butter cups kisses some Reese's Pieces mr. Goodbar it is just filled to the brim with chocolate cannot wait to open that but have some Hershey's kisses but not the regular ones that we have a 7 ounce er can you believe how big. This is probably the size of 50 or 60 regular kisses it is cute that wasn't enough chocolate for you we have similar we have this box filled with it probably looks like the yummiest little sweet treats ever from Hershey's chocolate world milk chocolate covered pretzels with candy toppings look at these toppings I see sprinkles as he raises pcs can weeps about since we're doing all these sweet treats I thought hey why not we might as well put in some Hershey's chocolate lip balm I love chocolate I love my lip balm we are gonna test these out that should be really fun kick off the chocolate bun Enzo with this a Reese's Peanut Butter Cup this have to be the size of 20 regular Reese's Cups two and a half pounds my mind is just blown right now this thing is.

Heavy probably take a person about two months to finish it it's just huge yeah we gotta open it up cannot wait to see the size of these things yeah now the peanut butter already whoa I am in candy heaven right now you guys would you look at these actually I do have some Reese's in this little one.

I can compare the sizes you can already see it's probably like 50 of those cups.

Here we go and it's.

Big they can't even put it in that little paper wrapper it isn't some kind of a here's the other one. This is like I don't know it feels like 10 pounds right here it's just to face forward Oh what do you guys say I take a bite and see how it tastes delicious whoa and I took a little bite of the side of it and the bite that I took was actually the size of two regular peanut butter cups.

You could seriously just eat this for days it's.

Big it tastes exactly like their real one sometimes when the candies are really big they don't taste as good but. This is the same thing I think it even seeds better best candy in the world such creamy milk chocolate peanut butter Center dee-licious just pack these babies back in here and I guess fever for a rainy day these are really good for like a birthday party to eat and cut them in slices almost as big as a pizza pie hit along from the giant Wheaties - thought sake we got some milk chocolate efandis how about one of these chocolate bad days I can not wait to see them food and they're individually wrapped we get tons of over here time for the taste test let's top it oh I love how they're all.

Individually wrapped you can give them in party bags you can carry them with you they will get sticky look at that it's even in the shape of a band-aid as couples little dog.

Realistic looking oh that's cute Sandman deed ever.

Milk chocolate a super creamy I didn't like it as much as the Reese's but that's like my top top favorite candy ever but they were super good they're actually really thick too.

You get a full box of those these work is.


Different I've never seen anything like it really cute party back favors or for Halloween candy love them there's another close up of the fans eats got all those little holes just like the real one these things were super good at their chocolatey sweet treat up is this Hershey's chocolate world chocolate-covered pretzels ooh these are actually the fanciest chocolate-covered pretzels I've ever seen this one it's kind of like blue the other one has some green going on I see some Reese's species and sprinkle one let's open it nothing better than some sweet and salty that is why I just oh love love love my chocolate pretzels they're a mix of these salty pretzels chocolate and these things are just crazy look at this no it looks kind of scary but I know it's going to be delicious that's the Reese's he just covered one what else do you have in here we have this one wow. This is like double chocolate it's a chocolate covered pretzel with little chocolate chip more soap on there one up I am gonna love this it's little pieces of crushed up heat bar if you're not familiar with the heat bar is it with the buttery toffee. This is going to be my CD to get some more glue there's tons in here oh look at this one it's chocolate covered with these blue and white sprinkles this one looks a little weird though I'm sure it's still yummy we get the same size here cut this cut yellow and white sprinkles this one is really cute look at these wands you're like ice cream cone sprinkles on their rainbow one and then we have some on the corner I'm thinking. This is probably like minty flavor just with the green icing and this time you get some blue icing. This is just unbelievable all together in that one box to get one two three four five six seven eight different ways of chocolatey pretzel time for the taste test we'll start with a giant piece for peace is yummy candy.

So buttery crispy if you haven't tried one of those you definitely know not out of here huh here it is smells.

So buttery I'm just gonna break off a little teeth because I'm gonna be super hyper with all this chocolate there's the pretzel right in the middle ah. This is too good yeah yeah you guys. This is the best snack sweet treat anything I've ever had this tops it it is this crunchy crunchy crunchy salty salty pretzel with this toffee milk creamy Hershey's chocolate on there you can't say enough good things about this it is delish perfect combo mmm let's try another one I don't know if I can handle all this itself we're trying the double chocolatey chocolate one look at this it took all these little Nestle or Hershey's morsels on there they look like little kisses. This is.

Thick we've got a super huge pretzel. This is not your average chocolate pretzel like the flips ones. This is like 50 times the size and weight hmm this one is for absolute chocolate lovers it is.

So good not as soon as that you plum book it is.

So chocolatey in these little morsels melt right in your mouth it's too too good for words absolutely turn onto some Reese's Pieces this doesn't even look like a pretzel it just looks like a blob it is still covered in candy it's gonna be good this one is going to taste like peanut butter place a couple of pieces on to get to that pretzel - amazing forward you get the crunchy pretzel crunchy Reese's Pieces on there.

So good they're actually too many here I don't even think I can try them.

You can see they're twinkly lumps this one here is like blue they were just incredible whoa I am just.

Sugar now Trigon I didn't need all this pretzels I just took little bits and teeth but between that and the Chuckle pansies and that huge Reese's Peanut Butter Cup I am just clipping I am.

Hyped up on sugar.

Next up this thing is the coolest it's from Hershey's chocolate world and it is a chocolate survivor box this really is like the perfect thing to bring with you on a long road trip or if you're going on an airplane with your family and you want a little sweet treat got.

Many different options for everybody right here starting on this side we get little chocolate bars all these are the teeny miniature ones Hershey's milk chocolate now these ones are just plain they're the classic ones love them move into the top we get another mini chocolate bar but. This is hull crackle and if you've never had a crackle before it's milk chocolate with these little rice krispies inside super crunchy and delicious I like this one a little bit more than the plane and you can see the rice inside of there another good one - the crackle we get three Reese's peanut butter cups now. This is a regular Reese's Peanut Butter Cup the one I showed you earlier was like it was like from honey I blew up the kids it was huge.

This one here it is if you're not familiar it's just milk chocolate and when you open it up it's got that peanut butter inside.

So good or the fun part I've been waiting for I can finally finally show you the comparison.

Here we go. This is a regular Reese's Peanut Butter Cup and here is the half-pound one I showed you earlier and you see the difference. This is like crazy it is blowing my mind right now.

I'd say there's probably at least 20 of these inside of this one it's just.

Unbelievable it's like a little baby one underneath those peanut butter tops we get some kisses these are the classic little Hershey candies they are.

Cute and they always kind of reminded me like the shape of a little Christmas Bell they are just plain milk chocolate but they have them all different times they have them with candy canes candy corns almonds pretzel one.

Many different kinds and directly next to those we get the Reese's Pieces these are all.

Yummy they're kind of like M&M filled with peanut butter they taste just like the peanut butter cups except they're super super crunchy and speaking of Reese's Pieces that is exactly what this chocolate pretzel was covered with you can see they're the same candies that they are glued on there with the chocolate mmm this was too too good open up here we have a compartment filled with more little mini bars except. This is Hershey's special dark it's mildly sweet dark chocolate I don't care for this one.

Much I never carry like if I don't have any other chocolate around I'll eat it but it's a little bitter for my teeth I like the milk chocolate more I can show you the comparison you can see the milk chocolates a little later this one's a little darker this one tastes more like cocoa powder get another compartment of Reese's PCs actually said there's two because everybody loves those let me get another minibar. This is mr. Goodbar if you never had a mr. Goodbar and i'm all the miniature ones. This is my absolute feed it's milk chocolate with these big salty peanuts inside it is.

Good it's such a classic when you break this open you can see all those peanuts in there sweet and salty over here in the rest of the compartments we just have some repay.

Super good ones we have the kisses more Reese's peanut butter cups more of the regular milk chocolate bars and the crackle.

Altogether we get one two three four five six seven different kinds of chocolate a better you guys here on to the final chocolate of the bonanza and this isn't a regular an ordinary one it is a 7 ounce or she kissed get ready for some side-by-side action.

Here is a regular chip and here is the kiss we're gonna look at it it's like 20 or 30 times the size super heavy another little baby chocolate I even loved how detail this big one is it's cut that little Hershey strip coming out of the top I can't even believe it.

Cute that's injustice whoa. This is huge this super huge one is unwrapped and I can unwrap a little baby one how funny of those I fall in this thing out I would say probably there is maybe 50 of these inside of there.

If you were to eat this it's basically like eating two bags of these little kisses you have some gigantic Reese's peanut butter cups some chunky milk chocolate bandy tons of different kinds of chocolaty covered crap seeds and some head sprinkled some have some drizzle Reese's Pieces they were.

So good to me Hershey's chocolate survivor box thickens Hershey's kiss I've ever seen in my life and with that said we are on to some Hershey's lip balm ooh what's better than a little bit balm after eating all the chocolate. This is such a cool package and I'm ready for the smell test here they are what a better way to close a video I cannot wait to smell these and of course it is going to be that brown chocolate color oh it's got sparkles in there put it on my lips thanks whoa and. This is like no different then if I got this huge kids and just smudged it all over my lips and melted my lip it is like real pure chocolate no.

So good smells like a brownie or chocolate pine it has a little bit of color to it the color comes off purple which is kind of cute it's a little shimmery but it's the ultimate chocolate flavored lip gloss and we get two of them they're gonna last forever love these chalk Oh Rama. This is all I have to say. This is like chocolate world right here.

Many different things I loved every single one of them and we are gonna have.

Many more fun videos coming up on the show. This is bubble pop kids you don't like this big red subscribe button here and subscribe to our Channel have a great day bye.

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