Chocolate Pistachio Cake With Irish Cream

Hi everyone its Tatyana from Tatiana's everyday food and welcome back to my kitchen I'm really excited to share a brand new cake recipe with you guys that have been working on for quite some time so this is a pistachio buttercream and Irish cream chocolate cake and it's just as good as it sounds so the inspiration behind this cake came for one of my favorite candies so this is a pistachio cream chocolate truffle and I absolutely love these so I get these from a Russian store near my house they're imported from Poland and to try to find these online for you guys so you can give them a try if I do I'll post the link in the video description below for the chocolate cake layers in this cake I'm actually going to refer you guys out to a few other videos where I've used the exact same cake recipe so this is a really delicious and super simple chocolate cake that you can make for so many different recipes and it's perfect especially for this cake so I'm going to refer you guys over I'm going to put the link right below here head on over make the chocolate cake come back and I'll show you how to make that pistachio buttercream and how to finish this amazing cake once you have your cake layers you want to let them cool completely before we're going to cut them in half so you wanna take a long serrated knife find the middle and then we're going to slice them in half you just want to make sure you pull the knife all the way through so we're going to have a total of four layers and now we can start on our pistachio cream for our frosting so I have 1 cup of unsalted pistachios I'm gonna place them into my food processor I'm going to give this a whirl and just chop them into fine pieces you want to pulse it pistachios until they're really finely ground up and now we can add our Irish cream so I'm going to add half a cup of this cream right in the middle here you want to post the pistachios with the Irish cream for a few minutes until you have a really thick paste almost like a pistachio butter now if you don't like this olive green color you can always add a few drops of green food coloring you can add the green coloring right into the paste and then grind it up with the pistachios while it's still in the food processor right now for the rest of our buttercream so I'm going to add two cups or four sticks of softened butter into my mixer bowl I'm just going to whisk it on high speed until it's really light and fluffy and also to my butter I'm going to add 8 ounces of softened cream cheese next I'm going to add the pistachio cream that I prepared earlier just going to add it all right in and mix that in really nicely well so make sure to scrape down the sides of your bowl while you're mixing the frosting to get everything well incorporated and now we can start adding our confectioner sugar so I'm going to add about two cups and I like to add half a cup at a time so just give it a good mix after each addition I have my frosting all done now and you can see the nice pale green color I have here so I added a few more drops of green food coloring you can add more or less to your liking but in the end you should get this nice pale green color and now we're ready to assemble our cake now this step is optional but if you want to add a little bit more of the Irish cream flavour to your cake you can actually pour some right into the cake and I just put some into a dispenser bottle and what you want to do is you cannot just soak each cake layer with a little bit of this not too much but just to add a little bit of flavor and now we can add our frosting so you want to be pretty generous with the frosting you want to load up about a cup of it right on top and we're going to spread it to the edges I'm going to add my next cake layer and I'm going to repeat the same process we're all soaked the cake first and then add my frosting and now for my last cake layer so what I did is I actually soaked the layer on the opposite side first and now we're just going to invert it and place it right on top and now for frosting the top and the sides for the outside of the cake I did a really light layer of frosting just to seal in the edges in the top you want to make sure to even everything out so it's really nice and smooth and then go around the edge with a wet paper towel and just clean everything up and this is going to go into the refrigerator so this cake needs to set for about 20 minutes and then we'll come back and garnish the top with some chocolate ganache they have 3/4 cup of dark chocolate chips here in my bowl I'm going to add half a cup of cream that I've heated until it's really hot add it right in I'm going to take my whisk and just whisk this until it's really nice and smooth I'm going to add another quarter cup of chocolate chips just to bring the temperature down of the ganache and just whisk this until it's completely melted I'm going to pour my ganache into a ziploc bag and I've just fitted this over a mug here I'm just going to let the stand for a few minutes just to all the air bubbles are going to dissipate I'm going to cut off just a smallest tip off my ziplock bag here all right so now we're going to go around the edges of our cake and just garnish it with a little bit of chocolate the rest I'm just going to pour into the center so after this I'm actually going to set this back into the refrigerator for another 10-15 minutes just until the chocolate ganache is nicely set I transfer it some of my leftover frosting into a pastry bag a knife tipped it with a star tip now I'm just going to garnish the top as well so I'm going to add a few little dollops of frosting I'm going to add a few whole pistachios here as well and now for the last piece of garnishment I took some of the chocolate pistachio truffles the the ones that inspired this cake and I cut them in half and I'm just going to place them right on top so if you can't find them that's not a big deal you can always put something else in the middle of the little dollops here and now our amazing cake is all done so just set it in the refrigerator for a few hours so that frosting and the cake layers can come together and now it's time to give it a try so I like to get tons and tons of that pistachio buttercream mmm I absolutely love the moist and rich chocolate cake layers in this cake and then that pistachio buttercream really ties everything together it has such a unique and delicious flavor and that Irish cream really tops everything off it really brings everything together and it gives just the right amount of flavor to the buttercream and the cake this is such a perfect cake for a birthday or a special dinner so keep this recipe in mind when you need that special cake I hope you guys have enjoyed this video recipe don't forget to subscribe and follow me on Instagram Facebook and don't forget to share this recipe with all your family and friends
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