Christmas Roasted Almonds Sugar & Cinnamon Coating How to make recipe

Warning this house may contain nuts gonna be making a treat today we're going to roust up some almonds with a really nice coating sugary coating a little bit of vanilla cinnamon beautiful now the good thing about these is once you've got them all roasted up and they cool down then you can bag them up tie a little bit of ribbon got yourself a really nice little gift to give someone just something homemade and personal lovely otherwise if you've got your party put a bar release out it gets all of them so how do you enjoy it's a nice sort of simple recipe but the results are delicious so first of all I just want to go through the ingredients now I've got me almonds it's the complete almond so it's a whole almond we've got 500 grams of those vanilla extract 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon 1 teaspoon then I've got some soul I mean use a sort of good pinch of that but I set about a quarter of a teaspoon little bit of oil any oil that's just a white we're a bit a tissue on the sort of baking paper just to make sure that these don't stick they've got me sugar brown sugar hundred grams and then white sugar hundred grams and finally I've got my egg now what I'm going to do is crack that into a bowl and just separate it so we're only using the egg why so there's all the ingredients let's get the bowl crack the egg and get the egg white make it all nice and frothy so I've got myself a bowl then what I'm gonna do is just crack my egg so I usually just tap it lightly now you can either separate it by sort of rocking it from side to side otherwise you can even just put it in your hand and it will slowly drift through that's it that do so now we've got the egg white what we need to do is to make it a bit frothy now you can do it with a fork like this otherwise if you've got one leaves Lumis and spice it up a little bit I just keep doing that till you got nice and frothy then now I'm going to add the vanilla extract it's going to use a lot capful it's about a teaspoon and again give a quick mix so there you've already got egg white flavor of vanilla so you know it's going to be good the next of all just gonna get the almonds hopefully this bowls big enough just about and I'm just going to kind of gently turn these over and just try and get it all mixed up and I want all the almonds to have a little bit of coating because that's going to help it to stick to carry on doing that and so they've all got egg white on there so I've just been sort of stirring those around just to make sure they're all coated with a little bit of that egg white now if you've done too many almonds and you find that you haven't got enough egg white or if you got a tiny little egg or something then just go and break another egg and just put a little bit more in just make sure it's all coated with that egg white now let's put that aside and bring the self another bowl I'm just going to add in the sugar also I'm going to add in a little bit of salt and then I've got the cinnamon got teaspoon of that I'm just going to give that a quick stir just get it all kind of evenly mixed dough and straight in with those almonds I'm just going to use a fork and stir this so we've got again all that coating with a sugary mixture a bit of cinnamon there you go I mean turning it over for a good minute or so just to really get it all nicely coated just check at the bottom of the bowl make sure there's no sugar left and we just move the bowl out of the way again this time I've got the baking tray now with the baking tray and I've actually got this all nonstick sort of paper you can put in the oven you know just make sure again nothing sticking to it but I also just use a little bit of oil sometimes any oil for doing this I mean you can use whatever you've got just give it a line then wipe your nose oh really there you go and then with the almonds just lay them out we've kind of separate them again in a minute so let's just kind of separate these a little bit there we are all ready to go in the oven so I'll switch me up and on I've got it preheated now I'm going to be cooking these almonds at 130 degrees Celsius 250 degrees Fahrenheit gasps mark 1/2 so it's very low heat as I say we're going to be cooking these for about an hour so let's just place them in the oven they're not going already shut the oven now it's a timer for about an hour but what I would say is about every 15 20 minutes you want to just very gently turn over these almonds to get the other side a little bit roasted as well but do be gentle with them so every 20 minutes a turn them over so we've been roused in the almonds for 20 minutes and what I thought I'd do is pull them out and we'll put back on the table and then we're just going to turn them over now you could see here and just kind of try and do one at a time like that but obviously it'd take a long time I'm just going to scoop them up turn them over and keep them on the paper I mean obviously you don't to get too much of the counting sort of coming off but you do want to turn them over so just do it however you think is best for you and also if you can just very slightly sort of separate them so again we're just gonna put those back in the oven and obviously do the same in 20 minutes and I'll see you when they're cooked let's just pull these out mm-hmm ah the smells so heavenly they're just absolutely delicious look at these they sound crispy they sound beautiful put those on the table so I've just taken the almonds out of the oven they are looking good and honestly I'm sitting it and the aroma is coming from these absolutely wonderful now these are really kind of hardened up sort of almost like christened up rousted beautifully that looks absolutely yummy now I'm going to leave these for little while just to call right down then obviously we can try one now you didn't really believe I was going to wait until they call down I got get stuck in now because they look at too yummy and I'm just gonna take one of these hmm ah so nice when the Mormons well could you've got the taste of the almond roasted running that sweetie sort of lovely flavor and that bit of cinnamon these are delicious out so you just tone that more mmm that is heavenly now I think that a white leads to cool down because I think if what you supposed to do but they're so nice when they're warm mmm I might have to knit one or two more but let's let them cool down put them in some bowls or obviously you could package them up for a lovely present so I'll see you in a minute and a cool down then with the last of the almonds because I've got three little balls and I'm screaming grab them I've got myself like a clear little plastic bag you know you maybe chop the apples in this or bag but it's going to put the rest of those in here so they get a good good a man and what you can do with this is surfing up as a little present you know you can offer it someone for Christmas Valentine's birthdays let's go miles whew there so let's move out of the way look at that got a nice big bag full I'm going to put a little sort of bit of ribbon on there make it look good so I'm going to grab the bag just give it a twist got a bit cold sort of ribbon there just going to make little bow now do this one to have a shoelace there you go now I'm just going to cut these bows and make them go a bit curly there we go look at that lovely little present and I'm sure anybody received those would love the taste of them now this is one of the bagged up earlier and also I thought I'd just you know tip them out the bowls put them into this nice pretty little bag the gold really looks good and there you go I've got some really nice little presents to give away I mean that could be like the family pack so I'll add that one and these ones can be you know for everybody else so I hope you enjoyed me videos thanks for watching and if you'd like to subscribe you like what I do then please subscribe and click the button above so see you again soon all the best the 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