Christmas Tree Storage Bag Setup

This instructional video will assist you in setting up your tree keeper and tree keeper pro decorated storage system unpack the contents of the box and arrange them so they are easily identified if you have a tree keeper Pro follow the enclosed instructions on setting up the tree keeper Pro tree stand or see our instructional video at wwt are a keeper procomm notice that the two fixed wheels should be installed on adjacent pegs for easy rollaway storage once your tree stand is assembled place the tree keeper bag over the tree stand to do this lay the tree keeper bag out flat on the ground unzip the zippers and make sure the buckles are snapped at the top of your tree keeper bag if you have an adjustable model make sure the adjustable straps are fitted to the size of your tree open the bag and extend your arm through the bag and out the bottom opening set the tree keeper bag onto your tree stand align the holes in the bag with the tree insert section of your tree base take note that the center collar of the stand should extend out the center of your tree keeper bag use the attached velcro straps on the bottom of the tree keeper bag to a fix it to your tree stand make sure they are secured tightly to the four legs of the tree stand if you have a tree stand with only three legs attach the velcro straps to two of the three legs following the directions from your tree manufacturer install the tree into the tree stand making sure that the tree is securely fastened into the tree base with the included threaded bolts you are now ready to enjoy your decorated tree for the season you
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