Cinnamon Sugared Almonds

Hey you guys so now I'm gonna come to you again the theme is Christmas goodies Christmas treats so now I'm going to make another favorite which is the candy almonds like I've you ever walked through the mall and you smell those cinnamon sugar and almonds just I just crave them like every time I walk through the mall I figure out I gotta figure out how to do this so I figured I'm gonna do this myself so you know my theme do it yourself so I'm going to basically show you guys how to go ahead and make these candied almonds so it's a very very simple easy recipe few simple ingredients you want to do whole almonds and these are raw almonds 1 cup of water and this is 2 cups of sugar and 1 tablespoon of cinnamon and so real simple easy ingredients what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna over medium heat I'm going to boil my water water my sugar and my Simic and I am just going to stir that and bring it to a boil so once that comes to a boil I'm going to add in my nuts and then I'm gonna basically just show you how I go about doing this so I'll bring this to boil and I'll be right back okay so you can see that my my mixture has come to a boil and now what I'm gonna do is just simply add in my minutes so the trick to this recipe is you just have to keep stirring so you're gonna stir this until the almonds have basically the liquid has dissolved and the almonds are basically completely coated so I'm gonna basically just start this if I'm gonna be like 10 or 15 minutes and I'll just continue to stir and then I will let you see how it looks maybe towards the middle and again towards the end so you have to constantly start this is not something you can walk away from and come back to you gotta do your work on this when you guys so just constantly stir and just keep stirring until the liquid is dissolved and you will have some great great goody sugared almonds okay so you can see that the mixture is about about halfway through and it's really bubbling up and it's just starting to dissolve I just wanted you to see what its gonna look like about halfway through so we probably got about another seven minutes to go and where the mixture will be completely dissolved so I'll be right back okay so you want it you wanna cook it into the liquid is evaporated and you get that sticky kind of syrupy coating and that's and you know like your the your size of your pots are getting white that's how you know they're ready to be taken out so it's been about 15 minutes and I am ready to remove this from the heat and what I'm gonna do is just basically simply lay these almonds over parchment paper and just spread them out evenly so that you can break them apart when it's time you guys got to work this quick so they'll start cooling off so you want to kind of spread them apart and basically just let them cool for a few 10-15 minutes and they are ready to be eaten after that mine are just gonna wait until Christmas but especially the final I'll take a picture of the final look but that's basically it so enjoy your candy cinnamon almonds they're delicious and thanks for watching bye bye
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