Clean it ZERO + | REVIEW & DEMO

Everybody welcome back to my channel now as you guys can tell by the title of this video it's gonna be a product review on the clean it zero cleansing balm Lindsay balm has been out on the market for quite some time now it's just I never really got around to trying it or using one so. This is the cleansing balm that I'm gonna be reviewing and I believe they have two different version there's a pink one and there's a green one of course I've heard lots of people rave about the product.

I need to try it out for myself and today would be a good day because your homegirl here got lots of makeup own I'm more interested to see how this product is gonna work on my lashes because I have these fiber lashes on and I put like three different mascara on and they're all waterproof.

We got dr. Chavez.

As I stated before there are two types of um there's a pink one and then there's this green one and the green one is geared towards those who have oily combination skin this product transform from my stylist sorbet bomb to a milky oil as a melt away makeup and impurities from the skin it has pure natural oils that gets rid of heavy duty and waterproof makeup.

Clean it ZERO + | REVIEW & DEMO

It strips off your makeup without irritation and keeps the hydration within the skin I must admit that I'm quite surprised at how much product you actually get with this clean it zero bomb now I know what you guys are thinking is just all the packaging but if you look at the bottom you see that the rim is fairly not that thick normally the rims are like really thick and it's like made out of glass and then you get approximately 2 inch other products here.

Quite impressed at how much quantity there is with this product but that should be cisely enough for you oh wow the warmth of my hand is already melting the product and it's gonna put it right on the eye I literally feel the bomb just melting and shipping the mascara and favorite off my lashes quite impressed oh I always do like a two-step process where I get rid of my eye makeup first and then cleanse the face because it's just.

Much easier but oh wow black eye it literally just melts your makeup Wow. Okay, let me work this off first let me go ahead and do the other side of my face and I'll be right back look at it look at my face overall impression pretty freakin bomb I'm actually really impressed because even my cleansing oils can't get rid of my waterproof eyeliner and they have the most difficult time trying to get off like the fiber of mascaras or even regular waterproof mascara it's hard for like to cleanse the order to actually break it down but with the cleansing balm as long as I'm late scrubbing the lashes it's just false and melts off.

Very impressed my cleansing routine at night is a two-step process I take off my eye makeup first and then I do overall face cleansing I don't want to spend a lot of my time scrubbing my eyes out and then realizing that you know I still have a little bit as much as hand there but look how clear like you don't see no eyeliner smudge you don't see any on the waterline to some people this seems a little tedious but to me if you can make my process one step less mm-hmm yes oh and I also do enjoy the fact that it is a bomb because I dropped it in the bathroom and let the fill out like nothing just just nothing I think it speaks for herself alright.

With that being said my face is naked I'm gonna go to sleep now.

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