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For today's video we're going to be comparing two different cleansing balms the first is the Clinique take the day off balm and the second is the vanilla company clean it zero balm and the clean of zero is from Korea and the Clinique you can buy at Sephora.

We're gonna start off with B Pinilla company clean and zero cleansing balm and what's nice about this one is that it has a little spoon and a cover.

It's more already more cleanly than the Clinique one then I'm just taking a little bit on that spoon and putting it directly on my face and I'm doing a half face application of each product and then I'm just rubbing the cleansing balm in and all the descriptions of this product say that it's high in vitamin C which brightens the skin also one of the main ingredients is papaya extract and you can really smell it.


I would suggest if you have sensitive skin buying the purity version of this and then I'm going in with the Clinique and this one I've obviously had for a much longer time and I'm just taking my finger and putting it on the other side of my face and rubbing that in the Sephora website says that. This is good for all skin types and one thing I can say is it does not really smell like anything but right away I do find that the vanilla company cleansing balm breaks up makeup a lot better than the Clinique cleansing balm because I had to rub for a lot longer to actually get my makeup to move whereas with the clean at zero I just kind of rubbed it and it just automatically came off pretty easily not that they don't really do the same thing but and then I would recommend closing your products before rinsing them just.

That they stay clean and don't get any water in them and then I like to rinse it off I know a lot of beauty gurus and youtubers use wipes but I just find that wasteful I like to just rinse off the bomb with water then I'm taking a white towel and just wiping my face off to see which side has more product and right away the Clinique side had a lot more eye makeup residue than the clean at zero side did and then for the last time I'm taking the Sun and Park Beauty water I just purchased this but I find that it works really well is like an after cleansing stuff because it gets rid of any leftover product on your face and I'm just I'm going to take two separate cotton pads and do each side of the face just for one last comparison to see which product work better I've only had this water for one day but I already really really liked it if I had to choose between the two I would pick the vanilla company clean at zero just because it is cheaper and I do think that it works better and the packaging is a lot more sanitary than the Clinique version because it does come with a cover and a spoon whereas the Clinique one you're just meant to dip your fingers in and to me that's kind of nasty even though I have been using it and I I'm almost done with it but like I said if I had to choose I would pick the vanilla company one over the clinic one and that about wraps up this video thank you very much for watching and don't forget to subscribe and like this video.

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