Coach Wayne - My Shakeology Recipe - Chocolate Reeses

Hey coach Wayne here.

You got yourself some Shakeology may be either he bought a bag or maybe you've got one of these little sample packs maybe you're one of my customers on team rips calm and you asked me nicely and i sent you one of these you can check out what this stuff is about what do you do with it well there's lots of recipes out there let me show you what I do and I've played around with a lot of the different recipes. This is exactly what I want my shape to be and I hit this thing every morning after I finish my workout.

What's in it I go water 20 ounces exactly of water you can go milk you can go almond milk I go water because I think it tasted really good with just water and it saves me on the calories and the dairy Tony Horton himself is a no dairy guy if it's good enough ram is good enough for me and one scoop Shakeology take your any of your regular way I go a scoop of that too adds extra protein I want lots of protein then I go with a milk chocolate type add a spoonful of fiber a scoop of some glutamine about seven and a half grams and a scoop of creatine about 5 grams and peanut butter that way I get a Reese's chocolate kind of taste notice ingredients on this peanut butter is peanuts that's it we don't need all that sugar junk in the regular peanut butters get them natural you have to mix up the oils in it but it's good spoonful that with my 20 ounces of water I go 26 Ice Cube's you can play with it on your own that's what I like let me show you what it looks like after I blend all this in.

Here we go just blend it all that stuff up what does it look like nice yummy chocolate reeses kind of shake here's the best part about this the way I make it I get a whole glass of it check that down then I go get ready for work come back and another glass waiting for me good stuff what's the nutritional info on this well I keep it all logged in my iphone the shake the entire blender worth two big glasses worth is 360 calories 44 grams of protein 23 grams of carbs and nine grams of fat almost all that is from the peanut butter only one gram of which is saturated fat.

It gives me a real good breakdown a fifty percent protein twenty-seven percent carb twenty-four percent fat but it's the good fat gets Monday off to a good start there and makes me feel nice and full all morning gives me everything I need my healthiest meal of the day then I come back and get another one right after this.

That's the way I make my shake you can play around with it you can do different flavors that's by far my favorite and the what puts me riding on target for my calories and protein and carbs and fat for the day thanks for listening to check out my website at wwt netcom god bless you.

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