Consumer Review - Sennheiser Game Zero Professional Noise Blocking Gaming Headset

What's going on youtube its high and today I'm here to do a product review of the Sennheiser game 0 professional noise blocking gaming headset now a while back I did a review on the astro a40 s 2013 conditions with their mixing pros followed by a later video of the mix amt yards now I wanted to mention that sennheiser did not send me this for free i actually purchased this on my own because i wanted to try out their headset and see what the hype was all about basically a few years back i actually purchased a sennheiser pc 360 headset and after several years of use i decided i wanted an upgrade i I wanted to see what the difference between what my existing headset was which was the pc 360 and the new game 0 gaming headset that sennheiser has to offer this headset runs pretty high as far as price was concerned i believe i bought it for 280 + tax on their actual website if you actually go to amazon you will see this type of model SEL selling or I think one hundred and ninety dollars please be careful with that listing because that listing is for the older game 0 model this one has some minor improvements to it which is why sennheiser is selling them for the retail price of 280 you'll see on amazon that it used to be 280 now it's down to 190 and that's because those items are being sold or of an older model.

With that being said i'm actually going to split this video review into two videos the first one is going to be an unboxing in an explanation of what you get and in the second video it's going to be my impressions once i'm using it or bad would say probably after a few days of use plus what our how this compares to my other sennheiser headset with the pc 360.

Pretty much what you see here is what you get i already did all the unboxing.

You don't have to worry about that you get a really nice professional-grade headset along with a carrying case which is a wonderful feature you know that typically does not come with with headsets but with this particular headset you get that carrying case it also comes with nice packaging as you see here it is fairly nice well-designed marking i think is on point and then also this headset is compatible with multiple systems you can use on your pc mac playstation as well as mobile and tablet now the other thing that you'll notice to it does come with two different colors wears a black color and there's a white color I chose a white color because my other head side was black.

I kind of wanted to change update color scheme also the attention to detail here I've been just brings up the closer the difference with my headset and the one that I'm showing you here would be a the your pads these are kind of more like a leathery I only know what to describe my think they are leather or or faux leather also they're padded.

It's really nice two years or large you know oval shaped holes.

They fit pretty much almost any ear size also the same materials being used on top or their head rest is distinguished between left and right ears also there's volume control on side here.

You can adjust the how high or low the volume you would like the microphone pretty much just very adjustable goes down which activates the f own you hear a little click and then when you want to mute yourself you just bring it back up and you hear another click the microphone itself you can adjust accordingly know it is bendable to you know going closer or further from your mouth also the wire it typically has a rubber sheeting to it this one actually has a rated sheeting which is a comic cloth base and I think it's more resistant to daily use and normal wear and tear by that I mean you know it's not going to i guess deteriorate.

Any any quicker than an actual rubber wire normally the Sennheiser gaming headsets they typically come with just a pc connection which is the microphone for 11 input and then also speaker for the other input for this particular model they actually gave you a set of wires which you can connect using just one input.

A lot of the modern day computers are even the mix and pro for example remix empty are the only common one input and that's the combination of the three point five millimeter that uses both a microphone and audio to as one typically in the past you've had to had some type of adapter which i also have and that's something that sennheiser has for about 15 bucks i think to connect you know the pc connections and two or convert them into a one input the great thing about this headset is that you can actually detach the wiring from this and then switch it out with this.

It's pretty easy it's just kind of a small forceful tug there and then you can disconnect anything you can reconnect to you know when the other cable and then once you are ready to reconnect just push it in there you're a little click and then you're done the other great feature about. This is that it is collapsible.

You were kind of wondering ok well how is it going to fit into this case right well you can basically swivel the ear pieces right.

That they can be placed inside the case here and furthermore. This is what it ends up collapsing into.

It's a very very sleek design allows for better transport you know in the case here and you know if you have a if you don't have that much space in your bag to carry this this allows a better improvement then the standard headsets that are capable of this type of you know convenience here.

All you're going to do is just turn them over switch it and then you're done pretty easy.

I found that along to be a very nice feature it's very sturdy I mean the plastic is very hard I mean chances are unless you have a huge head you're not going to be breaking this the only thing I would worry about is when you begin to extend it you know is that the plastic is a little thinner here.

Again please be cautious when you're trying to wear this on over your head if you feel that you can really stretch it out you might want to look for another headset that maybe has a wider headband aside from you know aesthetics you know I really like how it looks it's pretty nice plastic I think it's some you know durable you know I again I haven't had this for one.

I can't really test to the how long this will last but another thing about this design is that it's a closed ear design meaning that it's meant to block out noise the other headset that I had which was the pc 360 was an open ear design which allowed noise to come through and with that said there is a very noticeable difference between what you hear in the game with the open headset versus the closed headset and that's why they advertise here professional noise blocking gaming headset.

I typically would probably see this use in you know tournaments.

Where you want to block out the outside noise and be able to really focus in on the game sound with that said I'm going to start playing with this for a bit and kind of get my impressions on the headset itself and then also again what I'll do is I'll compare the differences between this and my pc 360 headset and then kind of give you an overall I guess review of which I like better right now my initial impression is that I'm probably going like this one better because I want to hear more of the game sound I don't want to hear you know the ambient noise that may be distracting you know my focus on the game sound alright guys well that's all I have for today thank you very much for listening to my video if you feel that this video has helped you in any way please give it a thumbs up also if you think that others would benefit from this video please go ahead and share that video with them and finally if you haven't already please subscribe to my channel as it helps you get notifications of my latest videos and it also shows your support to my channel thanks and have a wonderful day.

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