Cool New Watercolor Product Alert ~ The Portable Painter

Hi everybody Meredith and the Whittier Day Paper Co here and today I'm going to be telling you all about a cool new watercolor product that I've discovered and it is called the portable painter.

You may have seen this on some other YouTube channels it's a travel palette and it is very cool it is perhaps the best one that I have tried.

Little backstory it was designed by a guy who was an industrial designer for a while and also had many years in product design and was also a water colorist and he couldn't find a travel palette that he thought cut it for his needs.

We designed one.

Cool New Watercolor Product Alert ~ The Portable Painter

Let's do a little unboxing here and I'm a very spacial person.

I can really appreciate or I do really appreciate the way that. This is laid out like it's very well thought out slide it right out of its box the box is nice and printed has um photos ideas all sorts of good stuff and here is the palette itself as you can see it's not terribly big it's about the size of a smartphone depending on what smartphone you have and there also some how to's and informational stuff a couple different languages all that good stuff.

Let's get on to the good part the case is plastic and it's held together by this little clip here.

You slide off this little metal clip and these two halves come apart and one of the halves has this rubber band on it.

I don't think that the original version had this but they put it in there.

That you could store the clip first of all because if you lose this clip the whole palette is kind of useless I'd say it's maybe the only little design flaw is that if you lose the clip you'd have to like tape it together but with the rubber band it's pretty easy to keep the clip and you can also bring like extra paint brushes or microns or other stuff white gel pen anything else you like to paint with.

Like I said. This is mostly a travel palette and you'll see why it is particularly well-suited for that.

We've got these two pieces here these are actually the water buckets.

If you look they're Hollow these are actually the two water buckets and. This is the palette itself.

Opens up on both sides it's got two mixing areas and let's see twelve pans.

They're little half pan sizes they actually they come out they're a little difficult to snap out but they are all removable.

This palette does not come with paint.

There's one come on out. Okay.

I've got these little sticky dots on the other side but it does not come filled with paint now for me that's an advantage because I really like to travel paint and I don't always get to pick my own colors most travel paints are already filled with paint or there's also like sheets watercolors which we've shown here there's like the peerless the vivid that I showed a couple months ago those are awesome but if you are looking at painting specific want to pick your paint colors and you want all like lightfast colors that you've tested then. This is great for you and also it brings the price of the palette down whatever palette is filled with paint it immediately goes up especially if it's professional-grade watercolor paint.

For me I don't mind that it's not filled with paint but it's important to know I think that the whole thing retails for like $30 oh and. This is not a sponsored video full transparency non sponsored video I was sent these samples but it's not a sponsored video and rest assured guys that I would never ever show anything here that I hadn't tried myself and loved and that I wouldn't have bought with my own money anyway.

As you see not filled with paint to mixing areas one has more divisions than the other the whole thing is plastic which is not my favorite to mix on but it certainly wouldn't be practical for it to be made of anything else.

That's. Okay, and it also comes with a brush here and the brush has a brush guard too that I have lost it comes with a brush and it's actually a two-sided brush.

If you look here you pop out this side and there's a smaller tip.

It's actually two brushes in one which is handy although I will say that it's not my favorite thing about it is not the brush because the bristles are actually kind of too snappy for watercolor they'd probably be better students like acrylics but I does come with a brush and if you had a different travel sized brush then you could certainly swap it out it's not that the brush doesn't work there's nothing wrong with it doesn't really shed which is my main pet peeve with brushes.

It's just not my absolute favorite material but anyway.

The way that you would do this if you were painting out out in the world is you attach these little water buckets to the side of your pallet and you just slide them in.

They're friction fit they're pretty easy to get in let's get the. Okay.

It stands up by itself it balances by itself water goes in here mixing here paint here pretty simple and what's really cool about. This is you can put it on your on your leg.

If you're sitting you can put it right over your knee and put your paper on the other side and since it holds water you have to worry about water bucket.

It is the best pallet that I've ever seen the most well thought out if you want to paint with traditional pan paints and I have other pan pan watercolor travel sets but most of the time the problem is there's never enough room for water or they don't balance.

This fixes both of those problems very well thought out so. This is I didn't fill this one up because I wanted to show you how it just comes here is one that I have gone ahead and filled up as you can see I've squirted in two paints I did not add pans but you can certainly add pans not a problem the only thing is that the pan sizes are not the same for all companies.

If you were to pop these out and pop back in pre-made pans from like Windsor Newton or I don't think Daniel Smith makes any pants or schminke they might not fit.

These are half pants as 12 half pans not full pants and I decided to just fill in the ones that are provided the shells that are provided but you could pop them out you could squirt paint right in there but this way if I wanted to I could pop out some of these and add in other colors with these blank guys.

Don't assume that whatever pans you have are going to fit I think that the better thing to do is just to fill it with two water colors I know not every artist likes to do that I personally think it's ready to go but I wouldn't just assume that your pans are going to fit maybe contact the company to make sure.

That's basically the tour of it unboxing of it and I thought I would show you how it works I actually I have used it on my knee and it works great but personally I kind of love that it just stands by itself on a desk I mean it does not take up as much room as my you know paint and water buckets normally would.

I prefer painting with it just on a table I know that's not really what it's designed for but it balances and it also helps me not to waste water because it is in limited supply.

I thought I would do a little speed paint for you guys here just to show you sort of the logistics of working through it and that is pretty much it.

Let's get right onto that and thank you all.

Much for watching as always please like and subscribe if you want to see more of this kind of content and thank you very much for watching.

Let's get into our speed paint.

For this painting I decided to only use the brush that came with the palette just because I want you to see sort of its advantages and its limitations and I've also gone ahead and put the chart of the colors that I filled my palette with above this painting here just for reference I did I did a sort of primary heavy rainbow forgot to mention as well that the portable painter company is actually generously offering a ten percent discount if you're interested in checking out one of these pallets for yourself the code is in all caps gritty and it's for ten percent off on their website.

Be sure to check that out if you want month I would say that really the only thing about the palette that I think is a weakness is is the fact that the brush is just a little snappy and a little small it doesn't hold a ton of water now of course it can't be that big or it would not fit in the palette.

I understand that I don't think it's necessarily a design flaw but I think it's definitely something to know depending on what you like to paint because if you were to try to cover any big area and you need to cover it quickly then you might struggle a little bit with this brush but of matte it's a very solid product very well designed one thing I do like about the small brush is that since it's quite small you don't need as much water to clean it.

If you were painting in the field if you're out on location then that would be good because you wouldn't really have to change your water.

That would be I think a real advantage of this because normally I would be going through more water than this for a painting this size.

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