Costco! LED Desk Lamp with Bladeless Fan $29!

The intact LED lamp with a built-in brushless an interesting.

Interesting lamp basically it has five settings for the light output and I also have an integrated fan that comes with a brushless though.

You don't need a desk fan on it though interesting thing is that the fan welded light settings of five settings and also even have you could change the color temperature of the light to a warm or cool light there's like three settings for that too it's all touch sensitive in the front for the controls which is nice you know there's no buttons or anything like that like if it's blue light warm and other light sensors are on the top there's a little fan button icon on the top right below the temperature. All right, above the temperature button it's pretty neat it's a turn of the fan off as I won speed there's no other way go any faster the families of single speed cost about thirty bucks twenty nine bucks for this fan and light combo it's pretty nice design that looks pretty modern and it's you know neat that you know your autos have a super fan their light output is only 785 lumens you know and uses about you having two watts of energy.

It's pretty powerful because it actually has a fan and you know USB charging in the back you're looking at to 2.1 amp chargers in the back that you know mix it's pretty useful for everything you guys.

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