Create a critter teddy bear card

Hi. This is Debra with cricket the new pink today we're going to make a thanks.

Much card using Cricut cartridge creator critter and. This is the handbook create a critter we're using page 24 it's the bear hopefully you guys can see that the implements that we're using today are the cuttlebug Swiss dots and we're using an a2 card that is already pre-cut.

We're going to go ahead and get started today I've already preassembled most of the car for you for sake of time.

Let's go ahead and get our bear together and the bear has been cut at three and three fourths let's go ahead and do that I'm just going to be just a little quiet while we're putting the beer together alright we're almost done here I did kind of brush the edges of the card and I didn't put that out here but we are using the distressed texture tink and i'll show you that trying to make it a little focus is the distress paint that we did brush on the bear to give it a little bit of dimension here almost finish go in the bear together and we're just going to put the bear in the center of the card here get it a little bit in the camera can you see that and we took and made a little skirt just kind of glue start to the bear and I used my punch to put a couple holes on on the bottom of our skirt and we'll be adding we're going to add a button see that it's looking kind of cute there and we're going to also give her a we're going to give her a ribbon that I made to an end in another video I can show you how to make the ribbons I don't make my ribbons like everyone else make their ritas because I like to add a little bit of color.

You're going to pop that bull right the button right in the middle I think she's coming out a little cute is that better I think so. All right.

Let's put I think we're going to put the bolt or less but let's go ahead and start with our thanks and get that glue down here to the car the dementia is for the letters I did do some bonding or is called welding when you use the gypsy I did weld the letters together using lyrical letters I forgot to put that on my little sheet here but i did use lyrical letters and here we go and then add thanks the letters the pink letters are at point 99 on the Gypsy and then 1 inch for the shadow.

We printed the letters on the gypsy now I think the fun part is going to be how we're going to do this much I think this much is a bit much.

I think we're going to end up doing it like that how does that look can you see it and they need to bring it over a little bit I think that's perfect. All right.

We're going to glue that down and then we'll do the ribbon last and I got this idea because my um I call it my play play mother-in-law I'm not married yet but I went to a resort with her in my boyfriend's family and I really enjoyed at this time and.

I wanted to make her a little card to say how much I appreciate her inviting me and I think she's gonna like it I think is kind of not pretty nice pretty nice and in the last thing we're going to put together is the ribbon or the bow and I pre-made all of these and like i said i'll go ahead and i'll make a video to show how i did all of this and the ingredients are going to be attached to this video as well uh oh we don't want the boat covering her eyes and there you go hey thanks.

Much card I hope you enjoyed the video and again. This is deborah and i'm with cricket the new pink thanks guys have a great day.

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