Cricut Cartridge Lyrical Letters - Quick Peek of a tiny haul!

Hi guys sorry about that disturbance somebody just came to the door and look what arrived I dumb just opened it up I'll hold on let me zoom me back a bit. All right, this just arrived I am had X I had enough reward points and they finally had something in that I really fancied this was a new cartridge that they had on the cricket wards site I ordered that with my reward points a couple of weeks back I think just before Christmas and it's come already all the way from the u.s. to the UK.

That's really good.

That would be really fun to look at I've just cut it open actually I've been wanting Erik elected to ages because i think it seems like a really handy cartridge to have and they send you all points as well how fab is that the order from the reward points people and you get reward points as well brilliant love it huh ok let's have a look we just grabbed oh my goodness just start at the beginning I know we're getting distracted now on this video aren't we I might have to do in two parts can you see ok these lovely letters if I'm on that's got better colors there you go.

You've got all the different styles but this sort of more upright the calligraphy collection it's quite similar but they're kind of more slanted ones whereas these are quite sort of litter or lyrical but more is always do this when they knew that they I normally take out the pages at the front before I start opening it because it captures them just leave that that's what I find if you before you open it properly like this often if you take the papers out on the front that helps.

I mean you've got all these in the back as well it's just really nice then if you can read that it says mums special day oops you can't go to read except on off the camera the blue I don't think showing up.

Well on the camera but it might be. All right, all sorts of things left in these frames oh that's nice and ice for banner it i'm back again all this would be nice for Valentine's we might use this in a in a card because that's really cute I've also got the lovely touch last year the Valentine's one well the loved one I cotton what they called it now that was really nice. This is nice feeling funny feeling puny God be with you feel better soon little cross this one not good cup of tea hello hi friend.

There's lots of really nice things on here isn't there and the usual and I love the lettering.

Anyway, we've got distracted slightly.

We'll put that one down and play with that later you.

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