Cricut Giant flower-Poppy part 3

Hi everybody I'm back with part 3 of this poppy flower from the giant cartridge cricut cartridge we're going to now attach this to a there's my fire we're going to attach this to a stem there's a couple things that you can do you can use a skewer you can use these floral plants takes I got these at my goals Thank You Robin the timing and. This is what I've used from mrs. whole first flower I found this at the dollar tree and. This is wire I don't know what gauge it is is what the packaging looks like it just says six feet and you know obviously it was a dollar.

I was going to try to use this because poppies are bendy you know they're not like roses where they just sit up stiff at the top of a very stiff stem these flowers are bendy.

I thought that I could use that also had purchased these at Michaels and these are floral stem wire.

You know I think I'm mitching and and use this.

You guys can see these come in a 20 piece pack and it says 18 gauge and its a bright silver but we're also going to use floral tape that I just got it Walmart you can get that at michaels too if they have it at walmart i tried to. This is ben d i try to get things at walmart because i just think sometimes they're you know more reasonably priced ok and then. This is going to go right in there ok inside of this little between these four tabs if you're going to lay this flat in something then you would just fold those down and glue them down to kind of hold it in place. All right, see. This is kind of new.

Let's try and do this.

I'm just going to put a bunch a gob of it you're in the center just to kind of hold it and then I'm going to pinch these little tabs together.

If you're using a hot hot glue gun you'll definitely want some little finger grip protection there but my little temp looks great this ok.

Now that's pinched now we're going to do our little wrap job up here I just want us to cure it.

I'm going to do several going to wrap it a few times keep turning it and this if you've never worked with floral wire when you stretch it it makes it stickier that's just the nature of it as a little girl I used to play with floral tape because my dad you know I used to have all this kind of stuff around the house has craft tape. This is not working like it did on my would stake one. All right, that's it down ok if you can see what I'm doing though I have to keep looking at my screen and it tears you can just just pull in it and just tear it.

That's nice too and i'm just going to gonna start wrapping it again.

I can get the whole wire I'll see it's not sticking now how it is I'm like a video don't always work out. All right, I'm going to cut this wire down because. This is also very cumbersome.

I'm going to cut it about there and save that other piece for another flower.

We're kind of trapped just pushing this up here. Okay, yeah. This is.

Thin that it doesn't go up as easily as the stakes do but I feel like. This is a more realistic look this then stem. This is how I'm going to do the Hibiscus too because I hibiscus have thin stems as well and they're you know they're fluffy but not they don't stand straight up. Okay.

I'm just going to go around and around till we get to the bottom and then i'll show you how i attached i love this show you how i attached the leaves because the leads don't have stems they're just a leaf shapes you not.

Yeah. This is nice now you can buy these at Michael's already wrapped in this stuff and it's just a little bit more expensive.

Much I don't think I don't really remember ok.

I'll just tear it and stick it down and there we have it nice little been um stem alright.

Now for the leaves I did I did a little bit of adding a little bit of detail. This is just a foam piece of a phone booth you can buy it at the craft store and I just kind of did a little veining don't press too hard I did that too and it tears right because it's paper.

And then I want it to kind of break down the fibers and make it look realistic and then you could take your distress ink and Hank it up a bit just to give it you know some detail some interest and then I just kind of folded it right here and that's where I'm going to attach the wire and it's just a very thin gauge wire I don't know because I just have a big mess of this ribbon that I I mean wire that I've had forever.

I don't know now. This is probably good time to use my in my hot hot glue but it's not plugged in.

I'm just going to do this and it just kind of hides the wire a little bit if you do that and if you don't put a whole big glob of glue then you don't have you know I blend showing right there oops do that this. This is that tool set that I got at Tuesday morning the this thing the spring on here falls out what do you think I should do to fix it.

It doesn't fall out Gorilla Glue maybe some sort of metal blue I know somebody out there knows maybe a comment of it when you guys leave me comments a lot of times I end up having it easy fix because of you guys being.

Smart ok.

Now to attach the leaf I'm going to use this floral tape again that's it i'm just going to go up a little bit higher because if you put it down too low then it won't go into the vase.

You got to remember that are and in the next video I'll show you it in the vase and I'll show you what else I did to the base and I got at the dollar tree I'm making a mess here with this it's too clumpy but it's okay. All right, that's it i'm going to add two leaves but you don't have to watch that whole process it's the same we're just going to do the same thing and just add a second leaf to it. Okay, see how bulky that is right there I don't like that alrighty. Okay.

Stay tuned for the next video bye.

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