Cricut Lyrical Letters Cartridge

Hi guys today I'm going to show you the lyrical letter cartridge I'm sorry haven't been doing much videos I have been very distracted with the cricket here's the layout cartridge in the book you know I always pass this first pages here are some ideas that you could do with the lyrical letter that little card right there you go.

There's a capital the connected feature loop-de-loop italic monoline jumbo and jacks Brett I like this cartridge because there's not only letters but there's words and there's little designs it's.

They're still full alphabet here and there's numbers there's symbols I like the connected feature let's call connected feature but it's actually not connected he's got to put them together and they'll just slip connected sorry about the nails.

Here's symbol under number watch them local number there's friends here all these frames this one says Happy Holidays hooray for you dad Merry Christmas mom's specialty another special day sorry we barely can't see it happy Anniversary happy thanksgiving and happy halloween things way to go happy birthday love you this one's actually connected spring autumn summer a baby shower bridal shower you're invited and winter thinking of you best wishes there's just a note hello hi Fran just because cherry good washes and just saying time from to do and.

That's the end I hope you like this video if you have any question please leave on comments please like subscribe and thanks for watching the next video will be about the cricut expression 2 and a few its secrets.

Again thanks for watching bye.

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