Cricut Mix & Match Button with Lyrical Letters Cartridge

Hi cricket ears. This is happy happy joy joy and today we're going to be making this card using the Cricut mix and match button and the lyrical letters cartridge.

We're going to the love you the heart and this hugs and kisses on the inside is all made from lyrical letters.

Let's get started I'm going to be using their lyrical letters cartridge to come out our card and I went over to this page in the back of lyrical letters there are loads and loads of nice word art and sayings and all kinds of things for all the card makers out there.

We're going to be coming out this love you in this heart and this hugs and kisses and I've got the machine all loaded ok now we're going to press our buttons to tell the cricket what we want to do first thing we're going to do is press our shift and heart button or love you button I'm sorry to cut out our heart we're cutting it three and a half inches then we're going to hit our mix and match button followed by thinking hang on followed by the love you button and jumbo jumbo is going to give us that word art that we want to cut out which is hugs and kisses and we're in a press cut. Okay, next we're to cut out the love you.

I'm going to bring my blade down to the white paper and. This is super simple and just make sure them over there and I'm going to take off jumbo and the take off is mix and match and I'm just going to hit love you and cut that out. Okay, we're getting ready to glitter our love you in our heart the best way to do this and believe me I've tried a lot of ways is either to use glitter paper but that kind of eats your blade but there's some new glitter paper coming out which I'll talk about another time or what's really fun to do is put this through the xyron wrong way down and then go ahead and glitter it and then put it to as I run again right way up and sticky it down.

I'm going to feed my love you and my heart through there we go if you don't have one of these sirens you really need to get one next I'm going to go ahead and furnish it i'm looking for a tool to use and right now the only thing I seem to see that might work. Okay, is this screwdriver.

Don't laugh but it is kind of funny especially this love you because we really want to get that sticky on there good. Okay, and now we'll move over to the glitter. Okay, here we go I've furnished as best as I can and I peeled off the top layer of my um my die cuts here and now I'm going to pull out just love you and now it's sticky on the side we want to put glitter on so. This is actually guys are going to laugh. This is my glitter tray IE paper plate for Valentine's Day and what I do like to do is a little paper under it because I might have to scoop back and forth and I have it on my finger forgive the broken fingernails if you can see him I hope you can't but wasn't time to do that this week not yet at least maybe monday probably not though I don't know ok now let's make sure we get some on that e come on and look I don't know if you guys in CA let's hold against some white gorgeous huh took like three seconds I love three seconds I don't know if you saw my blog that Hannah Montana guitar from the other night but let me just tell you Hana not three seconds because i did not use the siren I used the zig to a pen and I had Zig to a pen everywhere except where I wanted it strava me nuts.

There's the love you simple simple simple now theoretically I'm going to be able to figure out how to get this back in the bottle but not now later project by later this paper right here i got it from tuesday morning when it's big sale and they had american crafts paper 25 sheets the same oh this was a bad mistake. Okay, let's see when you'll recover from that can you believe that just happened oh I want to say a lot about words. Okay, anyway, they have this paper at a Tuesday morning and sure enough it was two dollars for 25 sheets of the same shades.

Same paper and you know. This is their collar star card stock weight and.

If you didn't like one side you usually like to the other.

In this case I didn't really like these gigantic flowers but I sure liked everything else.

Tap tap tap in that gorgeous see a couple spots that need a little bit more apparently our little accident didn't cause too much damage I call that a little miracle where it could use a tiny bit more in the center we're going to cover that with the love you.

Hey let's move on you.

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