Cricut Quickie Card # 3

Hi everybody it's pinky and we're going to do another cricket quickie and what I'm going to use today is I'm going to use the cartridge lyrical letter and also the car to reach storybook.

I don't have the storybook cartridge with me in the book with me I work a lot off my gypsy but my sister she uses my cartridges which I think disgrace of fun with mean her to share arm.

From the story book will be used in a to shape and then from lyrical letter will be used in one shape and i'll show you as we go through and then some other stuff is my zip cheeway some pop shots a little white ribbon and then i have my card base which is the standard a two sides it's going to be eight and a half by five and a half I'm going to score it down the middle and then we're going to end up with a five and a half by four and a quarter and then my layer and this paper that we're going to use all these little fun birdies I got this paper from miss Carla on the cricket message for it and it's gonna thank you and I don't know the name of the paper but it's.

Cute and I'm.

Ready and cabin fever for spraying I know everybody is.

I got this but. This is going to be a nice fun bright welcome spring color card.

This layer is going to be forum 18 yet five and 38 and it's just going to go right on top and it's going to get us like a quarter inch border all the way around and then what we're going to do also is I have my memento ink and tuxedo black and then my little stamp says seize the day and I got this for my local scrap store and it was in a baggie bundled with a bunch of ribbon.

I don't know the maker of this stamp but it's really cute i got a whole bunch on too.

We're going to go and get ready and what we're going to do is we're going to use the storybook cartridge and what we're going to use from it is going to be on page 40 and we're going to use the scallop let's go be page 40 shift and shadow and you're going to get the scallop and what cut the scallop and for you cutting it on your cricket you want to cut it three inches and then we're going to use in storybooks page 38 shift exit blackouts going to give us our circle and.

On your cricket I would do this about two and three fourths just like a quarter inch down and then from lyrical letter what we're going to use I love this cartridge and you get.

Many cool little pieces in it and Nikki that you can get is we're going to use a little bird on page 68 and what we'll do is we'll do shift and then you'll hit the thank you shift and jumbo and it's going to give us this little burning that is almost exact to our paper and on your Cricut you'd want to cut the little birdie at about three and one fourth.

We're going to go ahead and get started I have my paper already on my merit and my paper is a three by three for the white circle and then a four by four for my black scallops and then a 2 by 3 and grain for my birdie and all this paper is how staff from Joanne's.

Let's see we get this rule one let's load it up and let's have the rest of it will be going left maybe hit my button anyone can get started huh.

The mantle load up there it goes and then we're going to go ahead and we're going to hit the cut and we're going to let it cut and it shouldn't take long why that's cutting I'm going to go ahead and I want to put my first layer down gee instead of a nice trip right across through the air and then one down the center to give it a good it to you could sit and.

I'm going to go ahead and I'm going to line that up and it come out you know I don't want to tell your side of it on there if you do get forgot your you know my ribbon how to do that will cheat your method everybody loves that one and.

What I do is I just take my ACG and I just put some little strip right at the end of each one of them just like that and then that will do just perfect and then i would go ahead and weigh in at all.

We'll wait a second because we want to see where we're going to actually lay that out at are gypsies all done the crickets all die cutting our shape.

We're going to get those out here we're going to pull it all together and i know i'm not using my spatula I usually you know unless it's a real fine piece I don't work with it too much and my master pretty used.

It's. Okay.

We'll do that and. This is the way it's going to lay out it's going to be like that and then we're going to have our little bitty birdie right there I love our little bird he's.

Cute and.

We're going to go ahead and let sit here these together and that's gonna go there NASA go dear I'm just woke up one morning tripathi beer and then we'll go ahead and we'll get this to stick center that kind of ground evenly just like that. All right, and then we're going to take our little birdie and we're going to put our little birdie on they're not going to go ahead and use my um the glue on the little birdie because I want to go in put that on there real quick old book with a little birdie kind of right there in the center on a circle and black.

There we have that.

That peace is already there and then we're going to go ahead and I'll put my ribbon across here.

I want to lay the ribbon right probably around here a little bit down.

To leave me a little space at the bottom to stick our sentiment on and then i'm just going to go ahead and center this write-up and when you are card and it's a little crooked little quicker and equipment if i can save it yay we could save it you can try again that's probably you know sometimes if some of the hardest things to do is the simplest and just lining these up and trying to get it even and there we go yes much better and.

I have that all done I'm going to pop that the back of our scallop and like a little pops out and I just get mine Joanne's Michaels hobby lobby.

We'll go ahead and we're going to take the keys off the back of it and that'll be then and we're going to line out a little birdie up and I think I want my little bird is to be right about there yeah I love this little bird is.

Huge and.

We have that son and dad son and I think I'm going to take my other ribbon piece and just trying to run it through here and you know I think I'm gonna cut that in half and see if maybe i can get too much out of it.

We'll go ahead and we'll run our little rhythm piece right over here and we'll just knock this up maybe typical cheese huh because right back boys are saying sometimes the simplest limit techniques and simples little things some days can be just.

Habit for us it gives us.

Much problems is it.

We'll turn that up a little bit i'm going to take this end up a little bit it's got some braids on it and there we had that and then i'm just going to take my little damp and my memento and just ink it up just a little bit doesn't it be a lot and i am going to stamp right about here I he's the day look pressure not too much and there it is I love it super cute fast it's going to be a fun card to send to somebody who's already to get through winter and enjoy spring.

That is our Keurig a quickie for today using lyrical anderson storybook and I'm pinky and I hope you enjoyed it and I love your comments and you guys have 18th day.

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