Cupcake card for a Friend/Sweet Treat series #4

T paper delivers its era and we are going to be making project for in my three trees series and surprise surprise is a cupcake cars if you guys have any suggestions or requests just go ahead and leave it in the comment form and i'll try to see what I come up with do requests from like images from the cartridge.

Our car today we're going to start with a five and a half by five and a half premade card and I love to get these at joann's especially when they're on sale and then we have this mat here to the creamy yellow color it's five and a quarter by five and a quarter and then I have this really cute Daisy paper that is five by five and I try to make one of most famous both here engine executed suppose I did pretty good on one side but the other side need some help but did pretty good I what I did was. This is just paper.

I heerd some cardstock on the back to make it sturdy or.

Much when I went to cut my bow it would be easier to I mean time I've oh ok let's go ahead and add our layers and then we'll work on the cupcake I just love these cupcakes.

Much that i find myself using them come. Okay.

First met and then for his player I'm going to pop it up somewheres you. This is.

Cute it could be used actually for home decor too or you know like a gift it did a little different than my normal cutesy colors prettier colors and this pattern paper I'm using is out of this path I've had for over six years I don't even know. This is still favorable ok.

That's their base we put a sizer cake I cut this cupcake from page 28 and it could have four inches and it's the heart cupcake but I'm going to be putting a flower on the top of it.

I'm just going to cut this off and then here's the wrapper and I cut it out of that same kind of paper from that stack and I adhered it to some car stuff because I'm going to tie it tag on here I want it to be sturdier this tag I cut from th 73 and it's cut it 1.75 and. This is the little rickrack accessory that goes with the tag and then this little flower here is from page 49 and I cut it at point seven five inches and I just stamped friend on here and that stamp came from a set that you almost sent me to mobile. Okay.

I'm just going to tie this on here it doesn't really matter what the top of it looks like because our our top layer of our cupcake is going to cover it only if I do it right. This is just some really thin hemp cord alright.

Let's adhere this down because if she really doing some dots here to there's a giant quickly. Okay, now let's see if we can get this down for and I want the tag stay up here.

I'm going to stick a little bit too big I missed a good glute under there a blue dots ah should I hope it up another time be this difficult ok I'm going to grab a blue dot shit get and they're here they are. Okay.

Here's our top layer of our cupcake and I just ran this series and divine world cuttlebug embossing folder and. This is white for card stock I'm going to stamina it to get a little more definition. This is no squirrel show through and I'm also going to pop this up mmm just going to go.

There's our little cupcake with the tag hanging down now I cut this exact same flower also at two inches and here's a little tip when you're taking these flower pieces off your mat take them off and lamb straight down because these petals are not the same size all the way around and.

It's hard to line it up correctly if you've moved it.

You want to keep it the same way that it cuts.

You have don't have a hard time but when you go to layer it to line it up with the right pedal I messed up with a little one I still don't even know if I got it in the right spot but no after to our flower men we are going to grab where to adhere a flower to the top of the cupcake there's our cupcake how cute is that and now we're just going to and here it on to our car try to move quickly I don't here's our card and there we go.

There's our little friendship cupcake card that cute thanks everybody for watching and have a blessed day.

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