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Hey fam welcome back to my channel and as you can see in the title below I will be having a review about natural aqua gel cure or cure natural aqua gel I don't know I don't know. Okay, just a disclaimer I'm not saying I have a perfect skin I'm not saying I'm an expert about skin care but I just want to share with you guys this product I knew about this product because of my former roommate Charmaine malapa charming malapa derby Manasa I chopped but she's an exchange student in Japan and when she went back here in the Philippines she brought something like this not something like this but she brought something like this. Okay.

Me and my roommate tried it and we liked it.

When my cousin went to Japan last week I asked her to buy one and she got one.

Thank you very much after I died.

Cure Natural Aqua Gel | Nat Colina

I searched this in Amazon and and it is said here in Amazon that. This is this is Japan's number one exfoliator exfoliate for well Okolona English books how many useful figure after year when you there's no artificial coloring fragrance or preservatives.

As you can see velocity color.

That we say animal mmm cutting English for.

It is a water-based exfoliator gentle enough for even the most sensitive skin.

Kappa daemonic sensitive skin Daler mobile ah ha s Neelam Oh Daler mobile akka is Mohammed Moines Nevis in Harlem oh hi gentle enough dosha for even the most sensitive skin natural plant extracts of rosemary ginkgo and aloe vera one bottle sold every twelve seconds in Japan imagine every 12 seconds one bottle on my son ma police and muhuali because chart said that products in Japan with medals are the best sellers.

In order the decade jnanam until on 12 seconds one bottle sold every 12 seconds.

According to Toyota Japan dotnet block blown and to you the whatever Tokyo divided a part of you these are the four proper steps on how to use this product and voila Arun Ahuja -. Okay, cop wanna do game and an honorable muhabba mop okita-san yuan Fei Yan FX bar step number one wash your face and dry well.

Before you apply the product you have to make sure that your face is dry step number two apply a dab of natural aqua gel cure on your finger and apply it to the desired area the gel will turn into liquid and become white massage in a circular motion gently for 30 seconds to 1 minute step number 3 gently rinse off dead skin with lukewarm water do you understand. Okay, let's proceed step number 4 moisturize your skin with lotion or emotion after use.

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Militia effects a product of course voila my Makita Anna changes some face gizzards I'm going to use his mobile Anissa Amazon it is worth thirty three point forty seven dollars social pesos k fifty point thirty nine month and rape Catherine it's 1686 point something pesos but if Lozada Hibou police it's quite expensive cell Azad ah a young price is 2400.

We compared in one six two two four lay or fi you know and then up we page.

Surface book the natural aqua gel cure page Sparrow anemia is official cure natural aqua gel Philippines mone Hungnam saw Facebook na page I don't know if more ordered during a page there is revenue asked.

I'm gonna use as moisturizer is scanning aloe gel and Thank You di coyote Cheska Antonia for the freebie me upon you by earning ring light and the neon capital spring a muumuu sana aloe gel.

Thank you art a and opening was a source on what's doing then at least now I reserved and sometimes it's Taplin kahani rum Nana mousse the brand I deliver balloon Phoenician of brand petal get under and a financial security and a shop it's 190 pesos anything.

Oven on yet and video Derrick a Humana and a little photo booth thank you very much for watching I hope naina oh ha and then please don't forget to subscribe please don't forget to subscribe like and comment below. Okay, have a good day and always remember that you are loved I'm being bye-bye.

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