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Oh yeah what they make to my channel or welcome to this channel if you're new.

Today it's the day again I get a lot of questions about my skincare and stuff and today I'd be honored to show you some products that I've recently using and yeah my skin gets.

Much better now and I collaborate with wishtrend and it's a collaboration between wishtrend and dr TV.

It interested in this product and malformations just click down below the description box or wait till the end of this video and then all problems are solved.

Current Skincare routine / WishYourBeauty

Um I'm talking about the wishtrend box which I'm currently using and when you order this get this little card with it and there are the introductions how you use it which one you should use first etc etc and yeah just explain it to you and what I'm using is hetero and just keep watching.

The first thing you should use it the honey mask and it comes in this bottle right here with this little spoon kind of thing and. This is the honey mask I'm from and this um is more or less 40% real honey and it's awesome because well now honey is good for skin uh-huh.

It's a profile and gentle formula allows honey to penetrate deep into the skin coming wet nurse soothing notation and ridding the skin off inflammation making it the Ilia mask for acne pron and even dry skin types and I apply that for him maybe two or three times a week and of that your skin is literally.

Soft oh my god it just smells amazing it smells like honey and what feels amazing.

I highly recommend this mask.

Another really fan of masks but I like this really much and you just need a little bit for the whole face.

Is amazing.

The second step would be the toner. This is from Claire's sublet Pro patient facial toner and yeah. This is a lightweight and hydrating lotion one and delivers more Eastern to the skin without clogging pores or causing irritations it's a unique all free formula and works to healing calm skin while keeping it fresh and hydrated from the day and it's for every skin type more or less it's for acne skin and yeah what can I say about that um I'm used this for a while now and I think it's a really great toner after all.

It just soaks into the skin and you can just apply every other which product what you need after that and. This is amazing it's really moisturize.

If like his skin the last time and with theirs and with that in combination with the moisturizer my skin is smooth again get less pimples less redness everything is going away and I'm literally improved by that really.

You just use it after you cleanse your face in the morning you use this after that and then just keep on going with your red lip right.

Next thing would be the pure vitamin C m7 by wishtrend is this little bottle right here and. This is a powerful antioxidant serum with 21.5 percent of poor geomancy it's simple and effective lightweight formula its penetrates deep into the skin to brighten uneven skin tones and fade away unwanted atmospheres other discolorations and yeah you just need one or two drops I'm using maybe two drops for the inner thighs in inner part of my face and products for the whole face and. This is a game changer seriously I use this before I go to sleep and have a lot of pimples and break outs and score small is um a while ago and it don't any faded and why it's just like less red and not faded really and with that my stars really fading and in the morning I'm not rich.

I can keep going out without any makeup.

I really like that.

I think all one all kinds are great but it is really nice.

This also is a nonstick absorption absorbing um absorption whatever one but for me it is a little bit sticky and just because I just like to use it on the night because it's a little bit sticky it is after a few hours or one hour or.

That get less sticky or it's gone away but for me on my skin type it's some sticky and the last up would be the moisturizer but for myself I like to use the weight of my video mind that means C serum in the end so. This is the next part what I am using currently and and. This is the all free ultra moisturizing lotion and. This is also great for all skin types it's a lightweight yet hydrating lotion and it delivers moisture to the skin without clogging pores of course rotations its unique oil free formula to heal on home skin while keeping it fresh and hydrated through the day.

I also just need two pounds of that and applied it on the whole face and I really like the texture it's not really jelly and not between run it's like something between and it smells.

Good like lemon or something and I just apply it on my skin and I really like that I'm a sensitive and dry skin person but I don't have any problems with that.

Normally I need a little bit heavier moisture than just a gel that's the curse I like to apply my other gel in the night but for the morning I would like you to use this because I feel hydrated through through the day and its really fresh.

So that's all about the products um um um of course I get partnered up with wishtrend but I tell you my honest opinion.

That's important for them and for me because I'm using this regularly I don't want to say anything what's not true or something.

I guarantee you guys I save my honest opinion.

I use this for a while now and I'm really liking them I definitely will um mmm make this up um and yeah it's just amazing.

Every product is in the box force say you look for a good time.

If you want to or then you just need to click down below on this link and diet they go on to the side and can order them it's a really great deal.

It's affordable for the products and it's very long-lasting of course you just need a little bit for every product what I think personally is really great and mmm sorry my voice and I'm just really liking the products and a affordable and great quality and just like something good for your skin.

If you like this video please give me a thumbs up and then I see you guys in my next to you.

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