current summer drugstore favorites, EOS lip balm

Hi guys. This is to be today I thought I would talk to you about some of my summer favorite items will drug store items because I love that video.

I thought i would do mine too and i'll start off with the Maybelline Dream smooth mousse foundation it's really good i loved it after seeing Lisa Lisa's on video about it i thought i would buy me one first of all I didn't think that I would be able to wear Maybelline um foundation I can't really see it but after seeing her um reveal and I was like well let me go to it Alton try it out.

I did and it was buy one get one fifty percent off and then I had a coupon.

Really the second one was free.

current summer drugstore favorites, EOS lip balm

That was awesome um it's a really great foundation first of all I never thought that I would be able to wear their foundation Maybelline because really they don't have a huge variety of colors but this color is. This is one that I have that I'm using that I took the top off and. This is the colors pretty much close to what you see on the screen so. This is caramel ya think you just like caramel 350 350 caramel that's what the color is and it's a really a great foundation like it's light um it's not a full coverage foundation but. This is what I like like for summer something light because I United as you said my June favorites i use tinted moisturizer with powder foundation but. This is even lighter.

Only have to put like you only need a little bit that's why they don't really give you that much product let me show you see it comes in this cap in is not very big as you can see.

But you only need a little bit.

I think it go it will go a long ways I just swirl my brush and it. This is a flat like flat top kabuki brush bomb mary-kate and.

I only swirl it in there like one time and I just put it on my tzones first and in my cheeks and then just buff it out.

It really works and i love it um the second item that i love is um r-mo vol flash mascara and the pink tube I really love this stuff they're really plumps up your eyebrows I really in fact I like it better than maybelline's think it's this whatever is in the blue I'm excuse me a pink and green container I think it's flash lash or something I don't know i don't really like that formula because it makes I makes your arm eyebrows crunchy I don't like crunchy are oil.

I mean I'll eyelashes I like this it doesn't make my eyebrows crunchy and then um another thing that I really love is Johnson's baby all shape and cocoa powder gel it's like on baby oil but in gel form is really good like I have really dry skin.

I really don't know if you can really see it but it has a brown top and I really love this Valentine's a little bit and I could you know it's good for your heels are your feet on your elbows places that like tend to get dry if you have really dry skin.

Yeah I really like that and I just picked up the Nivea protection like it on lip chat lips chapstick Oh sighs um it has a SPF sunscreen in it for your lips and I got loops I got this at UM walgreens hopefully could see it but you may be able to see it better here again we're getting another thunderstorm.

My life is awful but also picked up the old eos evolution of smooth lip balm it is.

Cute look at that it also has SPF of from 15 minutes.

I think the Nivea has more yes an SPF 30.

Yeah but look at that you can do two loops at what.

That's really cool and Rite Aid has them to 45 and walgreen husband to foot six but walk alrighty didn't. Okay, walk-ins didn't have on this one in this organic and parables a pair of the free or something like that.

It has to Juba oil and shea butter.

It's very moisturizing.

We wanted to beat you savvy.

We'll see I think I love it anyway, I tried a little bit of it today another item I love for the summertime is cocoa butter you can just come to the stick this one is coco care but you know you can get in decon like usually have them in the pharmacy at target and stuff but. This is all I have left is really is almost long as the stick when you first get it but you know it's good for um when you get scratches and stuff after. This is kind of nasty but after the stats caps come off you just put some of that on and it takes away scarring scarring and things like that or mosquito bites to leave scars you know.

It's good for that and then my last thing that i love-love-love i also talked about it um I never thought that I would be like really into lipsticks but right now I am like a new tools and everything.

This one is I love revlon's color stay I think it's called colors day colorburst that's what it is colorburst lipstick this isn't soft knew that I really loved this one.

You can see it it's not going to pick up because blow it out um lighting but the other one I like that it's kind of like a dupe for lazy day for me is baby pink it looks very pink but it's kind of sheer and I like that have it on right now yep.

That's um I think that's all I have um it's really hot today in my hair is like whoosh you see that oh my god it's just.

Poofy like as soon as I went outside the day um the humidity is just like blowing it out it was like huge you're like on Twitter I was like my hair is the size of Texas.

I don't know you can follow me on twitter at / vee see and that's all i have today i'm going to go do some scrapbooking that's my desk like there's a mess but yeah.

That's what i have on tap and oh I also wanted to give a shout out to Gina be no winner I really have subscribed to her started a few days ago whatever but she did a really good I'm review on the Maybelline Dream smooth mousse foundation as well I really like this foundation it's very cool and light and you don't really need to use a lot a lot of it and like I said a little bit goes a long way it has good coverage and it had like a dewy look.

I like that too hopefully I don't look shiny or whatever but it's at the end of the day I'm about to take off my makeup.

Oh yeah that's all I have I'll talk to you guys later peace.

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