Custom Bike Twin Tec Electronic Ignition Systems

Okay. This is my current ride that's all it's a 100 inch custom bike with it 100 inch motor I should say and the problem was that the previous owner was having problems running for any amount of time he took it to six different bike shops here in Fort Lauderdale in Hollywood area spent over $7,000 and yeah configured a lot of different things and changed a lot of different things made it look beautiful and he still had problems with keeping the thing running.

They rebuilt as carbs they change the timing that all kinds of crazy things rewiring different Magneto's different ignition system that and I got the bike I bought the bike because he was just fed up with it and here's what I found in in Harley's when they change the electronic ignitions sometimes what they do is they put the module right inside the nose cone of the engine right here which is right next to the exhaust now the engine gets hot enough the way it is then you add the exhaust to that and this cone gets very hot and what you have here is the whole electronic ignition pack that's a very good company makes a beautiful product but not for engines that have been hopped up if you have an engine that runs very very hot like this particular engine here is a high output high compression engine and when you put these modules inside the cone they tend to go bad because they overheat you notice on this particular engine on if you can see it but it's got decompress buttons for the compression when you first start the engine it's got.

Much compression that I'll break it'll wreck your starter after you do.

You got to compress both sides of of the little decompression buttons you push those in before you start it.

Custom Bike Twin Tec Electronic Ignition Systems

Basically what you do is the same company twin pack makes twin tech I should say makes a module like this but it's exact same thing but it's external.

What you do is you basically get an an evil engine pick up and you install that in here the sensor the sensor for for the crank and and then you run the wires through and then what you do is you put a module similar to this one on except it's a small square one and you can mount it up behind the seed in the battery back where it stays cool and you'll never have any problems again and that's where we're at right now I just ordered the I just ordered the electronic ignition from the company and and it should be here in next couple of days we'll stick it in this thing is going to be running like brand-new and it should be running it should be extremely dependable and it should be running for a very long time that was probably the main problem with these engines is the heat they can't stand idling especially if you're in Florida they like to be moving and like get the fins getting air in them they're just not enough fins here too they're not large enough to really get things cooled and then with the addition of the pipes going right close to this nose cone it adds a lot of heat.

You you need to get rid of that thing and mount it somewhere else what I'm going to do in this particular engine I'm going to get two oil coolers and now the oil coolers they mount here on the on the frame you get two vertical oil coolers and they provide a lot more cooling.

The engine will be a lot more dependable and and as this thing's you'll be able to ride for a very long time well fun with it.

That's my scoop on the electronics.

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